Choosing the Right Dispensary Design Layout for Cannabis Retail


Choosing the Right Dispensary Design Layout for Cannabis Retail

The cannabis retail industry is a highly competitive and dynamic sector that is constantly evolving. Without a doubt, your dispensary layout plays a huge role in creating a first impression and helps stand out among competitors. Moreover, the design and layout keep the customers engaged from the moment they step into your store until they walk out. Other than creating a bold, stylish yet highly functional aesthetic design, dispensary owners need to comply with cannabis rules and regulations. Therefore, your dispensary needs the right design layout that can ensure compliance, productivity and security parameters.

In this post, we’re going to discuss why you need to choose the right dispensary design layout for cannabis retail. 

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Dispensary Design Layout?

Just like any other industry, in the cannabis industry as well- visibility matters. Each retail owner wants to give a positive and unforgettable dispensary experience to its customers. Hence, they give a creative vibe to the interior by merchandising marijuana products with their unique displays. When you offer a well-designed workflow, you directly or indirectly influence your customers to visit the store again and that leaves a wonderful and authentic experience. 

There are mainly three critical elements that need to be considered at the time of opening a dispensary store to choose the right layout. 

  • What type of dispensary layout design can inspire the most purchases?
  • What type of design attracts more customers?
  • How to leave an authentic and wonderful cannabis dispensary experience for your customers?

Which Part Matters The Most?

A customer notices everything and gets tempted by the way your dispensary interior looks. They pay attention to every tiny detail like design, color palette display of products, merchandise displays, and the color combination of walls, counters & furniture. Hence, compromising on any aspect of the cannabis dispensary retail design layout wouldn’t be a great decision. 

Choose Your Layout Plan Type

Everyone has their own type and preference, the same way no design or layout is better or worse, it is a matter of choice that person makes according to their taste and the demand of business. 

Pharmacy Style Layout – It is a unique yet interesting type of layout that is commonly picked for ultra-tight inventory control. This layout easily handles single secure inventories. 

Banking Style Layout- It’s the most popular type of model that is used by medical as well as recreational cannabis retail stores. Capable of handling multiple inventory options for your business. 

Mobile Style Layout- It is diligently designed to enhance customer experience. This layout is strongly customer-centric but the manageability of the mobile layout requires more attention than usual. 

Kiosk Style Layout- Kiosk is again a customer-focused layout design. It is a new dispensary design that is commonly used by most cannabis dispensary retail owners.

Major Key Elements For Cannabis Dispensary Retail Layout

Medical or Recreational

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to opt for a medical or recreational store. Medical cannabis dispensaries should have waiting rooms and secure check-in areas, whereas recreational retail stores mostly focus on design, layout, and merchandising.


How to manage your inventory does fall under the design and layout part. The layout suggests the best inventory management methods to ensure buyers’ products are not overcrowded or not hidden behind one another. 

State Requirements & Cannabis Regulations

Adhere to your local and state cannabis rules and regulations. Most of the states demand security systems and record keeping to be their priority, wherein some focus on patients’ health and wellbeing. Therefore they demand a waiting area and a wide passageway. 


What does your brand believe in? What is the vibe of your brand? How would you project your brand? Store design leaves a first impression, so you need to consider a layout that speaks for you. 

Customer Experience

You need to keep your customer as your priority and give them a satisfying buying experience to make them come back again. 

Location & Space

Undoubtedly, location of the store increases foot traffic but store space keeps the buyers engaged by displaying their merchandising.


Depending upon the layout, you need to allocate work among employees like who will be a cashier, seller, manager, supervisor, and who will take orders. 

Tips & Tricks for Cannabis Dispensary Design Layout

The correct design layout without fail leaves a considerable influence on the consumer’s purchasing experience which directly or indirectly pushes the shoppers to impulse buying. A well-designed layout arouses emotional and psychological feelings in customers that encourage them not only to the extra purchasing but also leave a lasting optimistic impression. But now the question that comes to our mind is how to make your layout stand out against others. 

Here are some important suggestions that you use:

  • Ensure the entrance of the store is uncluttered and gives a welcoming invitation to explore further.
  • Try out colorful displays and ensure best-selling products are always kept in front for easy browsing.
  • Make sure your design has an open floor plan to keep customers at ease at the time of browsing.
  • Keep your merchandise in the glass cabinet for clear visibility.
  • Display your products in a fancy way to get attention and keep your customers engaged.

Every retail store should have its own identity and different style design layout can help attract footfall. Ambiance and design layout should be the number one priority for every dispensary owner. However, something cohesive yet bold can also give an appealing vibe and help your dispensary stand out among the competitors. 

The Bottom Line:

Choosing the right layout seems like a piece of cake but it plays a vital role in how your dispensary will function and drive sales. If you’re not sure about your design layout or it’s not speaking to you, you can also seek professional help. Hire an expert that can craft the best layout for you to make your business more productive. 

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