Cure8 Announces Two New Spinoffs that Make Starting a Cannabis Business Easier

November 15, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA – Cure8, the leading cannabis technology and security services company, announced today the official launch of two spinoff offerings: Prerolled Hardware, a cannabis hardware ecommerce platform, and Lucent SAAT Designs, a quick, easy, and cost-efficient service for cannabis security and technology plans

Cure8 provides technology and security services including network, POS, and surveillance system installations and managed IT services. The new spinoff offerings are an extension of Cure8’s capabilities and approach to supporting cannabis businesses, though with a greater emphasis on speed, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.  

Prerolled Hardware is a self-service ecommerce platform that offers all the technology and security hardware cannabis businesses need, including POS hardware, scales, surveillance cameras, and more. Users can filter products by their preferred software platform for fast and simple shopping. 

According to Levi Paul, Vice President of Prerolled, the site delivers a superior experience for cannabis buyers in several ways: 

  • Product selection is broad but highly curated – the site only stocks professional-grade hardware that has been verified as compatible with leading cannabis software programs and that are made by trusted vendors. The site gives buyers freedom to choose, but also keeps them from having to sort through hundreds of different product offerings and having to check the compatibility of their products. 
  • Prerolled is a complete, all-in-one shopping experience offering not just POS hardware but also commercial-grade networking hardware, back-office IT hardware, security hardware, and more. 
  • On the backend, Prerolled is managed and maintained by the knowledgeable and dependable Cure8 procurement and logistics team. The Cure8 team audits the site daily to ensure product availability listed on the site is accurate and products are consistently stocked.  
  • The site makes it easy to request installation services from Cure8 or from a vetted Cure8 partner. Users just select an option at checkout, and a Cure8 representative will provide them with a free consultation and quote. 

Said Munir Haque, Vice President of Cure8, “Cure8 has always provided managed tech and security hardware procurement services to its clients. With Prerolled we wanted to make our hardware expertise available to all cannabis operators, not just existing clients, and to give buyers the freedom and convenience of a self-service option.” 

The second new spinoff offering from Cure8, Lucent SAAT Designs, is a service providing SAAT plans – Security, Access Control, Alarms, and Tech plans, which includes floorplan overlays and equipment lists.  

Floorplan overlays, also known as markups, are diagrams made on top of cannabis businesses’ floorplans or blueprints that lay out the proposed location of security and technology infrastructure, including cameras, alarms, access control, motion sensors, POS stations, IT lockers, and wireless access points.  

The result in the form of a PDF file looks similar to a “You Are Here” map at a mall, with a basic floorplan outline, icons of various colors, and an explanatory key at the side. Overlays can be all-inclusive or they may be presented in multiple separate “layers” that include only certain elements such as cameras or wireless access points. 

Equipment lists, meanwhile, are what they sound like – detailed lists of security and tech equipment, including the model number and specifications of each product.  

SAAT plans are a necessity for any new cannabis business and any existing cannabis business opening a new location.  

Said Jason Pietryga, Lucent SAAT Designs Lead Consultant, “Lucent SAAT plans are handled by Cure8’s team of cannabis security and technology experts that have designed and built hundreds of cannabis facilities across the US and Canada. With our SAAT plans, Lucent is the only company with our level of experience and expertise to offer both cannabis security and IT overlays and equipment lists.” 

He continued, “Furthermore, Lucent’s SAAT plans are much quicker, easier, and affordable than alternative options. While other companies offer SAAT plans only as part of a long-term consulting engagement costing tens of thousands of dollars, Lucent can turn around complete SAAT plans in as little as 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost of other firms.” 

Like Prerolled, Lucent makes Cure8’s technical expertise available and affordable to all cannabis businesses, allowing them to meet basic requirements and get new locations launched, even those that may not initially be interested in Cure8’s main line of services. Prerolled and Lucent are integrated solutions. At checkout, users can request Lucent SAAT plans, and Lucent SAAT plan clients can request pre-loaded Prerolled carts with all the items on their Lucent equipment lists. 

Prerolled and Lucent have both been available for several months on a limited basis to select partners, existing clients, and operators in specific states. Cure8 is now officially announcing these spinoff offerings and making them available to everyone. 

Cure8 will be featuring the new offerings at its booth at MJBizCon (#7208) later this month, November 29 – December 1. Attendees can stop by to learn more about the services and to receive a free review of their current floorplan by a Cure8 expert. 

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