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5 Signs You Picked the Wrong Cannabis Security Company

Choosing the right security company for your cannabis business is crucial for ensuring compliance, protecting assets, and maintaining operational efficiency. However, many businesses find themselves partnering with companies that are not up to the task. Here are five signs you may have picked the wrong cannabis security company. 

They Don’t Have Cannabis Industry Experience 

Security needs in the cannabis industry are unique and require specialized knowledge. If your security provider lacks experience in this sector, they may not fully understand the complex regulations and specific threats your business faces. This can lead to inadequate protection and potential legal issues. 

They Don’t Focus on the Cannabis Industry 

A general security company that doesn’t specialize in the cannabis industry might not be able to address your specific needs effectively. Cannabis businesses face unique challenges, such as strict compliance requirements and heightened security risks. A company that spreads its focus across multiple industries may not have the dedicated resources or expertise to provide the level of service your business requires. 

Their Pricing Seems High 

While security is an important investment, exorbitant pricing can be a red flag. If the costs seem significantly higher than the industry standard without a clear justification, it might indicate that the company is taking advantage of the industry’s lucrative nature. Ensure that the pricing is transparent and reflects the services provided. 

They Recommend Consumer-Grade Solutions 

Using consumer-grade products for a cannabis business can compromise your security. Solutions like Ubiquiti’s UniFi Dream Machine are not designed to meet the rigorous demands and regulatory requirements of the cannabis industry. A reputable cannabis security company should recommend professional, industry-specific solutions that ensure robust protection. 

Lack of HIPAA Compliance 

HIPAA compliance is crucial for cannabis businesses that handle medical marijuana. If your security provider does not ensure HIPAA-compliant systems and practices, you risk violating federal regulations and facing severe penalties. A competent cannabis security company will prioritize HIPAA compliance to protect patient information and maintain legal standing. 

Wrap Up 

Choosing the right security company is critical for the success and safety of your cannabis business. By being aware of these signs, you can avoid partnering with a provider that might put your business at risk. For more detailed guidance on selecting a cannabis security company, check out Cure8’s comprehensive guide on what to look for in a cannabis security company. 

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