Cure8 has been providing IT and security services to the cannabis industry starting in 2016. Since then, we have helped to plan, set up, and manage the tech and security for hundreds of cannabis facilities throughout North America, including the first recreational stores in Canada.

Our mission is to help all cannabis businesses, regardless of their size or budgets, obtain the professional-grade IT and security they need to get licensed, get started, and achieve their full potential.


Cure8 is the go-to IT partner for the cannabis industry, trusted by operators, ancillary services providers, and technology vendors. We’re the one company you call whenever you need help with anything tech or security – including POS systems, surveillance systems, networks, and back office computers. We serve the cannabis industry, and only the cannabis industry. We don’t overpromise, maintain a commitment to quality products and services, and can always be counted on to deliver.


Eric Schlissel


Eric is the CEO/CTO of Cure8, one of the world’s leading cannabis IT services providers. From 1998-2008, he started, scaled, and sold 5 different tech startups, including multiple social networking platforms.

Eric has been a featured panelist at many cannabis industry events, including those put on by the NCIA and CCIA. He’s also a respected IT thought leader outside of the cannabis industry, being quoted in publications such as Wired, the Los Angeles Times, InfoWorld, and InformationWeek.

Munir Haque

Vice President

Munir is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced cannabis technology experts in North America. He specializes in retail technology and security, and has worked closely with cannabis retailers to design, set up, and manage over 100 dispensaries in the last few years.

One thing that sets Munir apart is that he has deep, ground-level experience in retail management, so he understands the day-to-day needs and frustrations of retail managers and employees better than most.

Greg MacDowell

Senior IT Specialist

Greg is a key technical leader of Cure8, and the primary onsite implementation specialist for the United States cannabis market. His expertise includes procurement, project management, network setup, surveillance systems, and high-level tech support and engineering.

Greg can often be found traveling the country helping new Cure8 get their facilities set up. Often smiling and always open to sampling clients’ offerings, he loves working with customers and helping them any way he can.