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Key Cannabis Security Services

Security Audits

See Where Your Gaps Are
Our experts can review and analyze your current IT security and surveillance systems for vulnerabilities and compliance and to ensure you're following best practices. We'll present you with the results of our analysis, and offer advice or a plan of action on how to reach more acceptable levels of risk.

Security Design

Avoid Problems w/ Pro Design Services
We can design your surveillance system layout/floor plan for you including camera positioning. Our experts are familiar with cannabis surveillance system requirements and know how to plan and set up these systems in the real world (not just on paper) while minimizing cost and complexity.

Security Installations

Expert Installation of Critical Systems
We can handle setting up your surveillance system from start to finish, including procuring all the necessary hardware, installing the cables, mounting the cameras, and mounting/storing your NVR and any other storage devices in a secure area. With IT security, we can implement and configure firewalls, antivirus, and mobile device management, segment networks, and more.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Get Set Up Quickly and Easily
We can monitor both your IT security and your surveillance system 24/7. We'll use our security and remote monitoring tools to track and immediately fix things like intrusion and virus alerts and unusual changes/activity. We'll keep your firewall and antivirus up-to-date and configured to protect against the latest threats. And we can manage your surveillance system to ensure that it's always recording as required by law.

Malware Removal and Recovery

Get Rid of the Problem Quickly and Get on Your Way
Not an existing client and dealing with a malware problem, including a ransomware infection or suspected intrusion? We can help isolate and remove the problem, recover what we can, and recommend measures to prevent similar incidents from ever happening again - and get you back to normal ASAP.

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Security Expertise Covers


Cannabis Software
Your cannabis software should have built-in protections including encrypted connections and being hosted on a secure, monitored cloud infrastructure. We'll help you make sure it's secure on your end, too, including by setting password requirements on all terminals, removing all unnecessary services and applications from endpoints, and installing monitoring and antivirus software on all devices.


Cameras & Software
We plan, procure, install, and maintain surveillance systems, so you're protected and compliant. This includes monitoring and troubleshooting of your cameras. For surveillance software we recommend Solink, a platform with powerful search features that works with a wide variety of cameras and integrates with your POS, ERP, and other data sources that makes it easy to find footage by register, employee, time, and more.

Access Control

Electronic Locks on Doors
We plan, procure, and install access control panels. Whatever fits your compliance and security needs and budget, including keycard/fob, PIN, biometric, and multi-factor access panels. We'll make sure you meet state requirements without overspending or significantly impacting worker productivity.


Around-The-Clock Network Security
24/7 monitoring, protection, and incident response for your networks. This includes firewall appliances with stateful packet inspection, content filtering, and a zero trust, deny-first approach. We keep cyber criminals from even reaching your endpoints, blocking them at the network level.


Door Alarms, Panic Alarms, & More
We plan, procure, and install intrusion alarm systems, including door alarms, glass break sensors, motion sensors, panic buttons, intercoms, and more. We'll make sure these comply with your regulations, such as those requiring alarms to automatically forward to the police and to be monitored 24/7 offsite.

Back Office

Office Cyber Security
24/7 monitoring and management of your back office IT including desktops, laptops, email, file servers, and user accounts. This includes patch management, antivirus, and 24/7 incident response. We'll keep the digital core of your business private and protected.

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