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Cure8 designs, builds, and manages your tech and security, to support growing your cannabis distribution business.

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Cannabis Distribution IT & Security Services

Planning & Design

Start Smart
Bring us in early on in the process when you're designing and laying out your facilities. We can help you position your network drops, access points, and security cameras for maximum coverage, efficiency, and flexibility. Avoid more expensive renovations down the line.


The Best Hardware for the Best Price
Get all the IT and security hardware you need at the right price without having to waste any time on research or shopping. We're experts in tech and security hardware and know what products work best with whatever software you use. And our partnerships with leading tech distributors allow us to get you below-market prices and find products in short supply.


We'll Install Anything, Anywhere
Whether you have just a storeroom or cavernous warehouses, we can help you set up all your tech, including surveillance systems, internet, WiFi, and back office IT. Professional-grade installation allows you to focus on other areas of your facility rollout and ensures solid performance and reliability for years to come.

Managed IT Services

For IT That Doesn't Slow Down or Quit
Avoid tech slowdowns and stoppages with 24/7 monitoring, management, and support of your IT. It's like having your own enterprise-level IT department, but for a fraction of the cost of a single in-house IT employee. Bundles include uptime monitoring, security monitoring, proactive maintenance, patch management, backups, and 24/7 tech support.

Surveillance Management

For Stress-Free Compliance
Most states require you to manage and maintain your surveillance systems. You have to make sure they're recording at all times, free of obstructions, and storing footage for a certain length of time; and you have to report and fix any issues promptly, and submit footage of any incidents to authorities. Outsource the management of your surveillance system to Cure8 to save time and ensure compliance.

Streamlining & Scaling

Expand Your Footprint
Distribution is all about efficiency and scale. We'll help you develop the IT you need to operate and grow without disruption. We'll streamline your tech, removing inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Then we'll help you replicate your leaner and meaner tech across new locations.

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Distribution Expertise

Distribution Software

ERPs & Other Software
Our capabilities extend to providing assistance in the installation and configuration of any software you select for your manufacturing business, working closely with the software provider. This includes the procurement of all essential equipment and materials, such as track-and-trace terminals, tablets, and barcode scanners.


Cameras, Monitors, Data
We offer a range of services related to security systems, including design, procurement, installation, maintenance, and support. These services cover surveillance systems, access control, and alarms, among other aspects. Our goal is to assist you in meeting your compliance and security requirements while also keeping your expenses to a minimum.


Internet, Internal Networks, IoT
With the increasing automation and sophistication of your operation, networks play a crucial role in managing the various sensors, controllers, and other devices involved. To ensure uninterrupted visibility, data, and control, and to prevent costly downtime and interruptions, we offer 24/7/365 network monitoring, maintenance, and support services.

Packaging & Labeling

Box Up & Deliver Efficiently
Prevent packaging and labeling from hindering your production process. Our procurement, installation, maintenance, and support services cover a wide range of equipment, including basic desktop label printers and heavy-duty industrial machines, as well as the underlying networks.


Phones, Intercoms, & Radios
Our services include aiding in the planning, procurement, and maintenance of your traditional communication systems, which can offer greater speed, convenience, reliability, and security than email or instant messaging in many cases. These systems are especially useful for emergency situations and for communication within your security team.

Back Office

Traditional Office IT
Our capabilities extend to procurement, installation, management, security, and support for the technology used in your back office, which may be referred to as your headquarters, administration, or by another term. This includes critical and sensitive assets such as executive and managerial computers, accounting and financial systems, and electronic records related to your company.

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“Your company and service…I deem essential. I look forward to working on the next stores with you. Thanks for all your help.”

Rhonda Reid


The Nug Co

“From the start Munir & Shankar were awesome, they were totally on top of communication, had an answer for everything I asked, and knew exactly what my shop needed. As for Greg, great communication, and he did a super clean job wiring up the rack (not to mention all of the other hardware). These three made the whole process smooth and stress free. Congratulations on having such a killer team!”

Jason Robicheau


Grateful Mind

“As the owner of one of the largest and busiest stores in Canada, I don’t have time for tech outages. Cure8 keeps me up and running so I never miss a sale, and helps ensure every customer walks away from my store happy.”

Colin Campbell

Store Owner

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