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HIPAA Audits for the Cannabis Industry

HIPAA Audits

Get help complying with HIPAA data security and privacy rules.

Cannabis HIPAA Audits


Checking for Compliance
We'll do a comprehensive review your IT and security for compliance with HIPAA data security and privacy regulations.


Getting to Compliance
Just starting out? We can help you design your cyber and physical security to be HIPAA compliant. We can also provide you with HIPAA compliance plans for your license application, if needed.


Achieving Compliance
If we find any shortfalls in your current plans or operations in regards to HIPAA compliance, we can help you get to where you need to be.


Staying Compliant
We'll manage and maintain your IT and security so you stay compliant with HIPAA in the long run.

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Cannabis HIPAA Audit Services

Networks & Endpoints

Keeping You Malware-Free
HIPAA requires your networks and endpoints be protected from unauthorized access using firewalls, antivirus/EDR, deny-first configurations, hard drive encryption, and more. This will help keep hackers and malware out of your systems, and ensure your PHI is secure even if devices are lost or stolen.

Monitoring & Management

Can't Protect What You Can't See
We'll ensure that your IT and security systems are monitored and managed 24/7/365 for protection and compliance. This includes account management, patch/software update management, mobile device management, surveillance system management, and generally making sure your IT and security systems are HIPAA compliant at all times.

Incident Response

Minimizing Any Damage
We will ensure you are set up to respond rapidly to any violations or intrusions that occur, minimizing the damage and adjusting the cyber and physical security systems as needed to prevent a repeat of the incident; and can perform any security breach notification requirements as outlined under HIPAA.

Physical Security

Machines Need Protection, Too
HIPAA data security requirements include protecting any physical documents with protected health information (PHI), and taking measures to prevent unwanted physical access to devices with PHI on them. We can help you design, install, and maintain such physical security measures, including safes, vaults, locked IT racks, and access control panels.

Security Policies

Keeping Things in Line
We can also help you develop and implement your security policies, including password requirements, security groups, permissions management, email encryption policies, and more. You can have the best security hardware and software in the world, but they can't be effective they aren't paired with smart, fine-tuned security policies.

Periodic Reviews

Make Sure You're Up-To-Date
As required under HIPAA, we'll ensure you are periodically reviewing your cyber and physical security to ensure you're up-to-date with the current trends, threats, and best practices; that your current security measures are effective and being properly implemented and followed; and that nothing was missed or overlooked.

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