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Best Cannabis Business Blogs To Follow

If you own a cannabis business or are planning to open one, then you need to identify cannabis business blogs that will nudge you to keep at your game.

You already know there are several online cannabis business blogs out there and it gets overwhelming for cannabis business owners and prospective cannapreneurs to find and read the right ones.

But we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. If you religiously follow and read the cannabis blogs below, your insights, experience, and conviction will take on wings and your canna-business will fly.

It’s high time you stay updated on everything that’s happening in the cannabis industry in the United States.

Top Cannabis Business Blogs You Must Follow

Here’s a list of the best cannabis business blogs that you should read and learn from:


Flowhub is the official blog run and owned by Flowhub. It is a modern point-of-sale software platform that helps cannabis business owners accelerate workflows, increase accuracy, along with simplified compliance.

Their blog covers topics related to starting cannabis dispensaries in different states and all about POS software and much more. They publish cannabis regulatory laws in different states and technological best practices every cannabis business must follow.

If you want to set up your cannabis business and want to know all about POS technology, inventory management, and how you can always be compliant, the Flowhub blog is where you’ll find all the answers.

Compliance Checklist For First-Time Dispensary Owners is a hit post from the Flowhub blog that provides an in-depth insight into ensuring compliant cannabis business operations.

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3C Cannabis Consulting

Many companies are now entering the Marijuana industry. The 3C Cannabis Consulting business blog gives entrepreneurs the information they need to safely enter the marijuana market. This blog contains a wealth of legal information from across the country, as well as links to a range of other legal resources. The 3C Cannabis Consulting business blog covers everything from taxation to product recalls and pesticide laws, as well as the nuts and bolts of running a business in a highly regulated industry.

The most followed post from their blog is 2021 Cannabis Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets. The post provides a market update for states that have voter-approved cannabis measures and how can you enter the market of your choice.

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Canna Newswire

Canna Newswire is a one-stop platform that provides news distribution for public relations, investors, and marketing professionals in the legal cannabis market, and media relations for trade shows and events.

They are the first to break every cannabis news to cannabis enthusiasts to help them stay abreast with the current happenings. This helps cannabis businesses plan and move ahead successfully.

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Marijuana Business Daily

Marijuana Business Daily is a daily online trade publication focused solely on the cannabis industry’s business, science, and legal challenges. 

MJBizDaily focuses on providing crucial statistics, graphs, and important information to investors interested in investing in the medicinal or recreational marijuana industry. They keep the records of news by state and topic, professional references, and business books that fill in as instructive reading material on focused weed business subjects.

Marijuana Business Daily’s post – Time for the cannabis industry to build a sustainable model has been gaining a lot of attention from cannabis business owners. The blog talks about the changing climatic conditions in the United States and what cannabis business owners can do to not get affected by it.

Medical Marijuana 411

Medical Marijuana 411 was established in 2009. It is one of the first websites dedicated to patient-centered information on marijuana’s medical uses and advantages. A community of activists, patients, researchers, and believers in marijuana’s medicinal properties is dedicated to bringing you personal experiences from patients.

Their medical handbook on Better Understand Cannabis With The Medical Cannabis Handbook has become a major hit on the internet. The manual dives into the biology of the endocannabinoid system discuss how cannabis interacts with the body, investigates potential cannabis side effects, and provides a wealth of other information about medicinal cannabis.

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Marijuana Marketing Xperts

Marijuana Marketing Xperts provides expert marketing and branding services such as SEO, web design, social media, digital strategy, and more to help your cannabis business reach new heights. Their blogs help you to find out more about the cannabis industry. If you are an avid follower of their blogs, you will be able to keep up with the newest industry trends, laws, and regulations, as well as how to remain ahead of the competition.

The most popular blog from Marijuana Marketing Xperts on the internet is Four Creative Ways To Get Around Legal Restrictions And Advertise Your Marijuana Business Effectively. No points for guessing – this blog gives tips to cannabis businesses to advertise their business online without getting a shadowban.

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Cure8 is an IT service provider to the cannabis industry. They not only help cannabis businesses set shop but help solve their IT problems 24/7. Not only are they leaders in rolling-out world-class IT solutions but also churn out some of the best blogs for the cannabis industry.

Their blog section is an info-rich knowledge box. The blog topics range from how to set up dispensaries in different states to what hardware is needed to set up your cannabis store.

Cure8’s blog Cannabis Business Social Networks – The Best Options for Company & Personal Growth is quite popular on the search engine. It gives you an insight into the best social networks your cannabis business must be on, to leverage the power of going social.

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Cova Software

Cova is another industry leader you must follow. They can help you run your cannabis store and accomplish your dispensary goal, whether it’s opening day or scaling to numerous locations. They can be of great help in getting your business online or on the road with home delivery. Cova is an award-winning retail platform known for their built-in compliance, intuitive ease of use, and unmatched dependability.

Their blog section has a plethora of popular posts but the best among them is 7 Dispensary Design Mistakes to Avoid at Your Cannabis Retail Store. This post delves into avoiding 7 dispensary design mistakes to ensure that the ambiance of your dispensary is warm and welcoming.

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Last But Not The Least

Cannabis business blogs are one of the easiest ways to gain actionable insights and to learn consistently about the marijuana industry. And there’s no reason for not keeping up – especially now that you know where to begin.

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