Best New York Cannabis Cultivation Software


Best New York Cannabis Cultivation Software

What do you need to operate a profitable cannabis cultivation business? Effective inventory management, stringent legal compliance, and strict attention to detail are necessary for running a profitable cannabis-growing business.

Software for cannabis cultivation can help with that, simplifying operations and guaranteeing compliance in this strictly regulated industry.

With the right software, you are able to oversee your plants, grow your inventory, and increase productivity at every stage of the cannabis life cycle.

When it comes to cultivation software in New York, there are several options available that can help streamline and optimize the cultivation process for businesses in the cannabis industry. Here are some of the best cultivation software options:


Designed in collaboration with a Master Grower, GrowerIQ is a compliant cannabis management platform. It is the first platform to combine all facility systems into a single interface, including sensors, controls, ERP, and QMS. The software included insights acquired from over three decades of experience as agronomists.

GrowerIQ automates your facility and offers insights to improve quality through the use of patented machine-learning technologies. The platform transforms software for producers, turning it from a legal obligation into a tool for performance analysis and learning.

GrowerIQ Features

  • Designed by Master Grower
  • Unique Machine Learning Algorithms assist in identifying insights
  • GMP and GACP Compliant Monitoring
  • Integrated Environmental Sensor Data
  • Helps automate operations
  • Integrated Quality Management System for Compliance
  • Support available


Tyrm is a cultivation management system that integrates task, environmental, and plant data to provide complete insight into every aspect of cultivation. Features of Trym include:

  • Environmental control including monitoring of humidity, light, temperature, and CO2
  • Task assignment, progress monitoring, and deadline adherence using the project management dashboard
  • Task scheduling calendar
  • Metrc compliance integration
  • Gathering information via hardware sensors
  • Compatibility with existing monitoring system
  • Batch-to-batch tracking of plants

In order to provide compliance data, Trym enables automated connection with Metrc and seed-to-sale tracking. Once you’re set, you can use the system to proceed with your cultivation without logging into Metrc.

Environmental control systems such as Trolmaster and Argus are integrated with Trym. Furthermore, it is capable of tracking, linking, and using sensor data from multiple systems for internal operations.


BioTrackTHC is a one-stop cannabis tracking software. Cultivators, distributors, and retailers can track each stage of the production process from seed to sale with the use of this system.

BioTrackTHC assists your company with ensuring compliance, by keeping track of important data and providing reporting tools tailored to the laws in your business. In short, BioTrackTHC will assist your cannabis business with data entry, marketing, reports, and configurable workflows.

Cultivation businesses can acquire the solution and focus on a specific area of operation, and it offers numerous licensing levels. If you just have a cultivator’s license, you can buy a license that limits your design to what is absolutely necessary. If extra functionality is required in the future, it may be added because the system is scalable. Additionally, regardless of the licensing type, it has a number of universal features.


FloEnvy is the most suitable software for cannabis cultivators.

FloEnvy provides a unified system for managing cultivation, compliance, logistics, financial, and environmental data through an easy-to-use interface, catering to small farms as well as the biggest commercial grows globally.

FloEnvy is the only program that can manage the entire cannabis supply chain worldwide, and it has happy clients in several nations and 18 METRC states.

Manage METRC compliance requirements with ease using a single system. Employ user authorization controls, an SOP builder, quality management workflows, and other tools to simplify EU-GMP certification.

Viridian Sciences

Since Viridian Sciences is vertically integrated, it can operate as a single platform that covers and monitors your entire business—cultivation, processing, distribution, and dispensary—from seed to sale.

The platform is designed for those who want to be at the top of software technology, need compliance and security, seek to run their organization as profitably and efficiently as possible, and hope to obtain a large competitive advantage in the market.

Viridian Science Cultivation Software Features

  • Manage genetics
  • Greenhouse planning
  • Forecasting/Yields
  • Crop Cycle Management
  • Product and Inventory Management
  • Compliance & Reporting


Automation, accurate environmental control, and data science with scientific methods are all combined in Agrify’s tightly integrated hardware and software platform for cannabis growers.

With the help of their Vertical Farming Units (VFUs), intuitive software, and real-time Big Data collection and analysis, cultivators can achieve unparalleled output, consistency, and return on investment at scale.


GrowFlow is a cloud-based cultivation software that helps cannabis businesses manage their cultivation operations efficiently. It offers features like plant tracking, cultivation planning, inventory management, environmental monitoring, workforce management, and compliance reporting. GrowFlow also provides analytics and reporting tools for data-driven decision-making.

MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway is a comprehensive cannabis software platform that includes cultivation management capabilities. It enables businesses to track plants from seed to sale, manage cultivation tasks, monitor environmental conditions, optimize workflows, and report compliance data. MJ Freeway also integrates with other modules like inventory, point of sale, and business intelligence.

Wrapping Up

In choosing the best cultivation software for your New York business, consider factors such as ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, compliance features, and customer support. It’s also important to evaluate software providers’ track records and reputation within the industry to ensure reliability and satisfaction with the chosen solution.

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