Best Video Surveillance System – Cloud Solutions Vs NVRs

Cannabis entrepreneurs understand the difficulties of starting and running a business as a cultivator or dispensary owner. There are numerous regulatory hurdles to overcome, particularly when it comes to maintaining your cannabis cultivators’ or dispensary license.

There are the usual challenges of starting a new business, particularly one based on a product that must be cultivated in accordance with tight regulations and mandates and is susceptible to changing laws. Aside from these difficulties, there are serious security issues.

For cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries, theft is a problem. This can range from casual shoplifting to major break-ins and robbery. Marijuana plants have a significant monetary value, exacerbating the problem of product diversion for growers.

The need of preventing theft at dispensaries is amplified due to the attractively packaged products, many of which are small in size and maybe quite tempting to customers and employees.

Here’s where video monitoring comes in handy. It keeps a close check on everything that happens in the dispensary and cultivation facilities. If you use a cloud video surveillance system, it captures and transmits live video and audio, and if you use a network video recorder, it records and transmits recorded video.

Areas Where Surveillance Cameras Are A Must For A Cannabis Business

  1. Area within the facility where cannabis products are weighed, packaged, stored, loaded, and unloaded for transportation, prepared, or transferred.
  2. Limited-access areas
  3. Security Rooms
  4. Location of the surveillance-system storage device.
  5. Entry and exits of the premise must be recorded from both inside and outside.
  6. Retailers must use a video surveillance system to record point-of-sale locations and places where cannabis goods are exhibited for sale. The placement of cameras at each point-of-sale location must enable for the clear capture of the facial features of anyone acquiring or selling cannabis goods, or anyone in the retail area, in order to ascertain identity.

What is NVR?

Network Video Recording (NVR) systems are used for storing and viewing video footage, and they record through Ethernet wires.

NVR cameras save video footage to hard discs and flash drives, among other digital storage devices. On-site storage is possible for these drives. NVR drives, on the other hand, can be stored off-site as an added safeguard to prevent an intruder from gaining access to the server for firms with more complex security issues.

Key Features Of NVR Systems

  • Power, video, and audio are all provided by a single Ethernet cable.
  • No power splitters or wall sockets are needed.
  • Video is processed using digital Internet protocol (IP) cameras. Each camera has a processing chip that allows the video to be streamed to the NVR system for storage. This is more efficient than using a standard video camera.

Why is a cloud video surveillance system better?

Due to the recent improvements in cloud technology, businesses and organizations are seriously contemplating doing away with bulky hardware in favor of cloud video surveillance, and for good reason.

What Are The Advantages Of Implementing Cloud Video Surveillance Systems?

Here are just a few of the advantages of using cloud video storage for your cannabis business’s security needs:

Enhanced Security for Video Footage and Data

In the past, businesses used to store their video surveillance footage on-site. As the footage was not encrypted, it was susceptible to cyber-attacks including data breaches. But with the advent of cloud video surveillance systems, cannabis businesses can better safeguard the integrity of their data with cloud video solutions.

Before being transferred to the cloud, data (footage) is encrypted, ensuring that your company’s surveillance footage is safe and only accessible by authorized individuals. The best part is that cloud-based software updates automatically, so cannabis business owners don’t have to worry about keeping their systems up to date on a regular basis.

As physical security and the security needs of cannabis businesses evolve, using video systems can be hugely beneficial. It will in improving policies and practices that can make a major difference in safety and efficiency.

Cloud and Cost Efficiency

Cloud storage eliminates the need to buy a new external hardware device every time the existing one becomes full. It provides huge data storage space for a very low monthly charge.

Furthermore, backing up the recording on hardware devices is not cost-effective because they require maintenance costs and time to produce the backup manually. Cloud storage, on the other hand, offers a large quantity of data storage space with variable pricing and an automatic backup option.

Disaster Recovery

Just think beyond theft and robbery!

Other disasters can also occur as a result of human or natural activity. How will you recover video evidence for an inquiry if a building burns down and all CCTV and computer systems are destroyed?

As a result, the Cloud storage facility comes into play, allowing you to store your footage in a centralized area that can be viewed from any computer, laptop, or smartphone device.

Remote Monitoring Enabled

This is perhaps the most overlooked benefit of a digital surveillance system. You can monitor the activities on your surveillance feeds from anywhere in the globe with a highly integrated digital video system, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are all acceptable mediums. You may view live streams or retrieve archived footage by logging into your security system from any of these devices.

Compatibility Between Cloud-Based Server and NVR

The NVR’s function is so closely linked to the network service that most NVRs can absolutely use cloud storage to store surveillance video data. It can not only reduce the burden on local storage capacity but also ensure the material’s safety by preventing hard disc damage caused by data loss.

Implementing the Apt Video Surveillance in a Cannabis Business

The requirements for video surveillance differ by state and province. Laws governing the retention of video footage, camera placement, and camera frame rate and resolution differ from state to state.

It’s worth noting that the higher the resolution and the longer you need to keep footage, the more storage space you’ll require. When speaking with possible security companies, make sure to inquire about this.

While setting up video surveillance requires more than just the right equipment. When it’s not installed correctly, a lot can go wrong. That’s why finding the best security company to help you choose, install, and manage your video surveillance system is critical. They will definitely get it right the first time.

They’ll also make sure the cameras aren’t blown away by heavy winds or storms. Installation guarantees are offered by several security vendors. Inquire about it. It can safeguard you if something goes wrong.

You want to collaborate with the best security company as you want to secure your cannabis business. Cannabis security differs from that of a car dealership or a retail store in terms of needs and standards.

As a result, working with the right security company is vital for cannabis businesses. If they don’t, they may have to pay the price in the form of fines.

Top 6 Brands That Provide Cloud Video Surveillance Systems

Here is a list of the top 6 cloud video surveillance companies you can choose from:

How Can Cure8 Help?

Cure8 offers cutting-edge services to assist cannabis businesses to build, support, and maintain highly optimized and dependable IT infrastructures. With extensive knowledge and skills, including industry-leading competence we are the go-to IT partner for the cannabis industry.

We will help you choose the best cloud surveillance camera and install it at your cannabis facility. And it does not end here, Cure8 also promises round-the-clock support that we fulfill diligently. Contact our team of experts today.

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