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Digital Signage Benefits for Dispensaries

The legalized cannabis industry in the United States has accelerated at a high pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Cannabis has been approved for medical use in 33 states. In fact, according to a report by Marijuana Business Daily, the cannabis industry is all set to reach $30 billion by 2023.

Retail dispensaries will be compelled to keep up with a big customer base as the cannabis sector grows, and they will need strong technology to keep customers informed, engaged, and satisfied. This is where digital signage comes into the picture. While customers are waiting in line, digital signage can keep them updated about new items and recipes while also providing entertaining content.

Why Use Digital Signages For Dispensaries?

Digital signages are meant to draw the eye, and consumers are already used to finding information on digital devices such as phones and computers. In this sense, digital signage is a trusted and familiar communication medium for consumers.

Let us walk through how digital signage can help cannabis dispensaries and retail outlets:

Creating TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) For Patrons

The plethora of options offered at the dispensary may confound new customers. Customers can be better educated by using digital signage to convey information about the strain, benefits, pricing, and other product features. Customers will feel more empowered and at ease in the dispensary if pertinent product information is displayed on signages.

When stores take this approach, customers don’t feel as if they are being forced to make a purchase. They are able to browse and interact with budtenders on their own terms. The more at ease they are, the more time they will spend in the dispensary and the more likely they will purchase additional products.

Boost Sales With Use of Offers/Discounts

You can advertise your happy hours or highlight new or better products on your marijuana dispensary’s digital signages. Pre-schedule offers information for a specified day and time in order to increase sales with that offer.

With apt promotional graphics and educational video clips, patrons can get all of the information they need about the products before making a purchase.

Instant & Easy Updates – Paving The Way With Digital Signage

It takes time to update menu boards if your inventory changes significantly. By integrating with your POS, digital signage may be used in dispensaries to automatically update menus. 

Digital signage reduces the time it takes to update menus and displays, as well as the cost of purchasing new physical materials to display your menus, specials, and bargains on a regular basis. 

Another reason an easy-to-update menu is important in the cannabis market is that advertising standards and regulations are continuously changing. You can easily alter product listings and marketing to comply with the most recent cannabis legislation by using a digital interface. 

Effective & Seamless Real-Time Inventory Management

The ability to integrate digital signage with POS technology is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of implementing digital signages in a cannabis dispensary or outlet. The menu board is automatically updated to indicate available goods when sales are made and there is a change in the inventory stock. This reduces the need for budtenders to manually update menus, allowing them to focus on providing excellent service to their consumers.

When inventory hits a certain level, you can even program automatic price decreases or increases.

Crafting Unmatched Retail User Experience

By installing digital signages in your marijuana dispensary, you are improving your clients’ retail experience. While they may have had similar experiences in the past, in the Cannabis industry, this is a step forward and a much-needed technique to sell your products.

While other cannabis dispensaries have yet to use digital signage, you can be a trailblazer and gain a dedicated following since you were able to better understand their needs with digital signage.

Ultimately Establish Your Brand Image

To build more confidence among potential customers, display information signages about how your dispensary conforms to all the set regulations. You can emphasize how your business operates within the parameters of state and federal legislation, as well as how your marijuana dispensary assists customers in making informed decisions.

Step Towards New Age Digital Signages

As you move forward to establish & adopt this new-age digital technology for your Cannabis Dispensary, we will walk along with you to work out everything you need. We can help you set up shop, fulfill your software and hardware requirements, assist you with 24×7 technical support, and build a complete ecosystem for your Cannabis Dispensary. We can also help you to connect with the right agencies to set up Digital Signages for your business. For further assistance talk to our experts today. 

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