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The 6 Types of Digital Signage Your Dispensary Should Be Using

Digital displays were once considered a novelty item, employed by only a select few companies with deep pockets. They are, however, rapidly becoming ubiquitous, with experts forecasting an annual compound growth rate of 8% from 2019 to 2025.

Businesses can employ digital screens in a variety of settings, including offices, workplaces, retail stores, banking centers, healthcare facilities, and more. However, with so many options on the market these days, implementing this technology for the first time can be overwhelming.

The goal of this blog is to assist you to get your bearings and determine which specific solutions are best for your business. Here’s a look at what digital signage is, its types, how to use it in your store, and which digital screens are best for your business:

Types of Digital Signage

Following are the types of digital signages available for your cannabis business:

Type 1: Free Standing LCD Display

These are mounted on the floor. The LCD stands upright and serves as a focal point. This form of digital signage may block pedestrian traffic, but it will draw the attention of people walking by.

Using touch screen LCD monitors can be interactive at times. This feature makes this signage ideal for use at kiosks and other areas where people spend a lot of time.

Type 2: Indoor Style Digital Signage

These displays can be used by businesses that need to provide a list of messages, services, and notices to their customers. Owners can update their adverts in a style that is engaging to the viewers with the help of indoor digital signage. Digital signage may display any media format, whether it’s RSS feeds, live TV, or social media streams.

Type 3: “The Billboards”, An Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor signage is difficult to install. Because it is digital and will be used outdoors, it must be enclosed in a waterproof case with an appropriate cooling system and adequate ventilation.

Billboards are digital signages that are displayed outdoors. Because of this reason, it is also known as a digital billboard. It also has a high price tag and limitations. It is for this reason that businesses place a premium on single advertisements that reach a large number of people over a lengthy period of time. Because of the reasons stated, this type of signage is only advised for large businesses.

Type 4: “Digital Towers” Interactive Floor Standing Display

These displays are free-standing digital towers that stand between 30 and 55 inches tall. They are great for getting customers to interact with each other. They’re often utilized to assist customers in shopping, understanding the selection, and even ordering things that aren’t currently in stock at the store. These interactive displays immediately benefit the customer by encouraging a high level of participation, which can boost the effectiveness of your current branding.

Type 5: Wall Mounted Digital Posters

Digital posters are the simplest of all the signage options. This kind of digital signage is mounted on a wall. The media player is housed inside an LCD enclosure that houses the LCD utilized for this signage.

Digital posters are the easiest to hang and come in both portrait and landscape orientations. One of the benefits of this sort of signage is that it saves space—smaller copies of digital posters are sometimes utilized as menu boards. This poster’s owner can manually update it with new information.

Type 6: Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage

The term itself is self-explanatory. This display signage is suspended from the ceiling. Digital signage that is installed on the ceiling is less obtrusive but also less eye-catching. This style of signage is most commonly used to convey information. People do not glance up all of the time, but if they require information, they are likely to gaze in every direction.

This type of digital signage is the least popular because it is easily overlooked due to its position. It is for this reason that ceiling-mounted signage is rarely utilized and is solely used to display information or directions.

How To Use Digital Signage In Your Cannabis Store

Great Way To Promote Your Business

Promotions for products, services, events, and sales can all be displayed on digital signage displays. Advertisers can employ digital signage content such as static ads, product demos, or video testimonials because multimedia screens use video and animation in addition to rotating graphics. Display signages are common in retail settings.

Flexible Service Offerings

While paper menus and fixed displays are still widespread, businesses can use digital displays to creatively list their service offers. Cannabis stores, restaurants, salons, spas, car repair businesses, and fitness studios can use digital signage to display rotating material and information on walls, windows, or a bright digital screen.

Showcase Calendars & Event Schedules

Digital information can be used to construct calendars that share an event or work schedule as well as impending appointment times in hotels, shopping malls, universities, businesses, amusement parks, dispensaries, and healthcare facilities. This keeps visitors up to date on daily activities while also saving your personnel time spent answering questions.

Social Media Can Build Trust & Loyalty

Social media is a big source to find interesting content that your customers will love. On the digital signage screens, you can collect and display social media posts relating to your product and services. You can collect social media content and display it on the retail store’s digital signage screen because almost every business is on social media channels and doing a wonderful job of providing engaging content.

Hashtags, mentions, influencers social media posts, tags, and so on are a wonderful method to customize your social media wall and display it on digital screens within your retail store to establish a trustworthy image and earn consumer loyalty.

Digital Signages: The Next Big Thing

Choosing the correct digital sign should mostly be based on an individual’s business needs and preferences. As a result, the best thing to do is contact a reputable sign business that can advise you on the finest digital signage solution. Searching the internet is one of the finest ways to learn more about such businesses. In California, there are a number of well-known suppliers with their own websites. Customers can browse their collections and get in touch with them if they are interested.

Cure8 can not only help your business choose the best commercial TV that your store can use as display signage but also install it with care and expertise.

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