New Store Rollout: Grateful Mind

Grateful Mind is a beautiful new dispensary in the Cape Cod town of Wellfleet. It’s located in a historic bank building that has been owned by the same family for many years. As you might expect, the dispensary is an homage to owner Jason Robicheau’s (and many a marijuana enjoyers’) favorite band, the Grateful Dead. 

Last we checked, Jason was trying to get Jerry Garcia’s widow’s cannabis products in stock. We hope he finds a way to make it work!

Setup was a tad more complicated than normal due to having to be more careful when installing and mounting tech like tablet stands and wireless access points. We also had to use more wireless access points than normal due to the construction of the building, which prevented wireless signals from passing through walls as it does through your standard, modern drywall.

We think the install went pretty well. In fact Jason was kind enough to write to our CEO Eric with some extremely kind words about how much he appreciated our team’s work, which we’ve reproduced here with his permission. Feedback like this is incredible to receive and made our day! Thanks Jason!

“I just wanted to take an opportunity to reach out and tell you what a great team you have. From the start Munir & Shankar were awesome, they were totally on top of communication, had an answer for everything I asked, and knew exactly what my shop needed. Two total assets to your organization. As for Greg, great communication, and he did a super clean job wiring up the rack (not to mention all of the other hardware). I’m extremely demanding when it comes to wiring. He was up to the challenge, and is a fantastic representative for your company. Complete contrast from the last two techs in my shop (alarm company & ISP), I haven’t had the slightest urge to touch a single wire he ran (For perspective I spent 3hrs cutting zip-ties and reorganizing everything the previous two techs did). Anyway, don’t want to take up too much of your time, but these three made the whole process smooth and stress free. Congratulations on having such a killer team!”

“I’ve gotta say, I was a communications satellite tech like 20yrs ago. Data cabling was my life for years. I learned early on that super clean wiring eliminated pretty much 85% of my problems. Then you’re only left with on-site hardware issues, and my favorite ‘everyone else’s problem’. My life revolved around ‘me problems’, & ‘them problems’. I’ve done my best to eliminate as many ‘me problems’ as I could in the store. I ran 20 Cat6 cables for this install, and terminated and tested each one multiple times until everything was flawless. Greg totally stepped in and carried the torch. I can confidently blame any of my future issues on hardware or outside vendors. For me that’s total peace of mind.”

Location: Wellfleet (Cape Cod), Massachusetts

Cure8 Services: Procurement, POS Installation, Network Installation, Surveillance System Setup

Tech: POS – Flowhub | Surveillance System: Solink

Store Google Maps Page:

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