Cannabis Labor Shortage


How Tech Can Help with Your Labor Shortage

The United States is facing a labor shortage and it is hitting the economy hard. The labor market is a conundrum right now and it is slowing the economic growth.

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, businesses are struggling to fill open positions in general. There is a sharp decrease in applications for those hard-to-fill positions and an increase in the number of applicants failing to reply to requests for interviews. Businesses are having a tough time filling positions at all levels, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, health care, hospitality, and many others.

But the one sector that has been the hardest hit is the cannabis industry. They’re dealing with rising labor shortages in addition to product restrictions, supply shortages, and other cannabis business challenges. Many retail establishments and product manufacturers are in the weeds when it comes to hiring great talent, due to the stigma of working with a previously-banned substance, as well as concerns about expertise and security. Cannabis companies are having to search harder than usual for workers. Interestingly technology can come to every industry’s rescue as it helps you get more or equal productivity out of equal or fewer people. Let’s read ahead to know How Tech Can Help the Labor Shortage in Cannabis Industry.

Technology is the Cannabis Industry’s Saving Grace

Even though there are several solutions to labor shortages in the cannabis industry, technology seems to be the most effective one.

Here are all the possible ways technology can help.

Grow and Processing Software

Cannabis laws differ from one state to the next. A grow and processing software’s goal is to keep track of cannabis plants and goods from seed to sale. Every cannabis business in the supply chain needs to be traceable and compliant.

Some features that are critical include: 

  • Financial management
  • Growing and crop management
  • Sales and distribution

Benefits of grow and processing software for the cannabis industry:

  • They help you in multi-location management
  • Maintain compliance with state laws and regulations.
  • You have access to real-time information.
  • Help you track and adapt to frequent industry changes and development.
  • Improved consistency
  • Better efficiency in operations.
  • Help you with inventory tracking, forecasting, yield, and financial reporting.

Grow and process software help in faster implementation timelines at lower costs. You can utilize the reporting to enable decisions based on productivity and cost of goods. As a cannabis business owner when you implement this software, a labor shortage will not be able to dampen your business ROI.

Key Hardware And Software In Dispensaries

Following are the essential hardware and software required by dispensaries:


Unending and unmanaged lines in stores and at dispensaries lead to a negative customer experience, and this could leave a lasting impression that will deter that customer from entering again.

On the other hand, a line management solution can put every customer at the center of the entire process, from check-in to departure. It is an automated system to manage and smoothen walk-in services and customer flow at your dispensary or retail store.

Customers’ demands can be efficiently handled and managed by the software. It also helps to prevent conflicts within the queue and makes services more transparent and efficient.

Payment Solution Software

Payment processing software is critical for streamlining the process of accepting customers payment data and getting you paid. It also aids in the setup of recurring billing, fraud prevention, and the security of customer payment information. It reduces your reliance on cash which requires additional resources to handle and manage it.

Unfortunately, this payment solution software can pose to be a problem for cannabis retailers and dispensary owners. They can face payment operations problems such as slow payments, a high rate of returns and refunds, data quality errors, malware attacks, customer identity theft, customer account takeover, and much more.

Cannabis Delivery Software

A delivery software is a boon for cannabis business owners who want to deliver cannabis products to qualified patients and primary caregivers. This software can be in-built into your POS system or it can be operated as a standalone application.

Here is how cannabis delivery software reduces the effects of labor shortage in the cannabis industry:

Schedule delivery

Enables the user to select the delivery date of the cannabis on their availability. This helps to reduce the delivery failure cost and enhances user experience and satisfaction.

GPS Tracking

The delivery partner will be able to locate the route and address for the orders that are about to be delivered using a GPS tracking system within the web application. The delivery person will have a complete understanding of where they must pick up and drop off the delivery if they use a GPS system.

Monitoring Orders

The delivery partners can update delivery statuses such as en route, arrival, the payment received, and order delivered.

Essential Software For Cannabis Businesses

Following are the essential software that can ease the problem of labor shortage in the cannabis industry:

HR/Scheduling Software

This software is a simple solution that helps dispensaries overcome many of the regulatory challenges they face, such as payroll and employee management.

The HR/Scheduling software seeks to provide dispensaries with a complete workforce management solution. With streamlined time monitoring and scheduling capabilities, it makes operational tasks easier. Dispensary owners can manage staff without excessive administrative work, all thanks to the detailed reporting tools and intuitive UI.

Cloud surveillance software

Here is how cloud surveillance software can make your cannabis business operations easy:

Ease of operation

The cloud-based software allows you to view a GPS map of your cameras’ locations and whether or not they’re working. You may be able to zoom in significantly and switch to a satellite view depending on the GPS data for the area where the cameras are positioned.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time updates are perhaps one of the most noticeable ways that cloud-based video management software may assist law enforcement.

You may set this software to notify you when particular occurrences occur, depending on your surveillance needs. For instance, you’ll be notified right away if a camera detects motion in a certain area or location.

Centralized Access

One of the most significant security aspects of cloud technology is the ability to store all of your critical data in a single location. This allows you to access and manage your video security footage in a more efficient manner.

Process Management/SOP Software

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) give your company a mechanism to discuss and implement consistent best practices. Just document your SOPs and have your staff follow them and watch how it skyrockets your time efficiency and profitability.

Consistent, profitable, and scalable cannabis businesses are built on the foundation of well-documented systems. Best of all, it allows you to delegate day-to-day operations to staff, giving you the time to focus on other important tasks.

Compliance software

The compliance software helps your brand stand out from the competition, with the advantage of

  • State-specific regulation and policies.
  • Easy to read laws, summaries, and compliances
  • Easy to search policies and regulations
  • Quick assignable training and audit modules.

RFID Scanners

Tracking and inventory operations, both manual and barcode-based, might take hours or even days to complete. RFID scanners enhance the productivity of cannabis companies and returns on investment by dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing errors.

Outsource your IT

Outsourcing IT has a number of advantages, such as improved business processes and efficiency as well as reduced operational expenses, all of which help you obtain a competitive advantage.

If you choose reputable outsourcing IT service provider, you can expect expert assistance round the clock, which can be quite beneficial to business models that rely on customer engagement.

If you are looking for a trusted cannabis business solution provider, talk to our experts.

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