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Low Voltage Cabling Services For The Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is predicted to grow multi-fold as more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana for adult use, offering additional opportunities for Cannabis business owners and investors. And obtaining a license is just the first step; cannabis retail stores and dispensaries require a robust IT system that allows them to easily monitor and manage all aspects of their operations.

Cannabis stores can hire managed IT, service providers, to assist them to choose the right IT hardware and cabling solutions to open their stores, develop their business, and stay compliant all at the same time. Because DIY cabling plans can cause heavy losses to cannabis businesses!

According to research, conducted by Market Research Future, the worldwide structured cabling market is estimated will grow to $17,181.2 million by 2022. Because of the huge demand for Internet access, as well as the fact that so many technology behemoths are headquartered here, the market is particularly strong in the United States.

Let us now understand everything about low voltage cabling, and why it is important to hire professionals to install cables in your cannabis stores.

What are low voltage cables?

Most wall-mounted cable outlets use 120V or 240V electricity. Low-voltage cables, on the other hand, do not carry the same current as of the outlets, fixtures, and switches found in most offices. Low-voltage cabling is intended to transport no more than 50 volts of power. 12V, 24V, and 48V are common low voltages. 

At cannabis dispensaries and retail stores, low voltage cables are often used for telephones, surveillance systems, POS systems, printers, alarm system sensors and controls, audio-visual cabling, internet network, and Wi-Fi, LED or low voltage lighting, and much more.

Structured cabling is the infrastructure on which low voltage cabling operates. The majority of a dispensary’s wiring is built on a separate network from the structured wiring system. In most cases, the dispensary or retail store’s main electrical system is installed first, followed by the low voltage cabling.

A robust design is required for the optimal functioning of a structured cabling system. A good design analyses airflow and cooling difficulties provide redundancy, selects the appropriate cabling for the purpose, and designs cabling patch routes.

Equipment That Uses Low Voltage Cables In The Cannabis Industry

  • POS
  • Surveillance System
  • Digital Signage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet and Phone
  • Computers
  • Alarms
  • Barcode scanners, and many more

Reasons To Hire Cabling Experts For Your Cannabis Business

Here are the top benefits of hiring professionals to install cabling systems in your dispensary or retail store:

Experts Arrange Everything On Time

Your installation will almost surely be done on time if you hire experienced support. That is, they allow you ample time to develop and acquire the necessary infrastructure. Setting up a dispensary or cannabis retail store with the least amount of downtime possible necessitates careful preparation, and your cabling experts are more than capable of assisting you throughout the process.

Long-Term Support

A long-term partnership with your cabling professional will benefit you. A long-term service provider will be familiar with your company, its equipment, security requirements, and infrastructure. And familiarity and neatness are important in the low-voltage world. Maintenance, modifications, and expansions will be faster, easier, and less expensive with a proper initial design, installation, and labeling.

Supported Network

Cameras, POS systems, bar code scanners, and alarm sensors are just a few of the equipment that can be found in a cannabis dispensary or recreational store. But, without a robust infrastructure to support it, all the equipment in the world won’t help.

The right cable and professional installation might make all the difference. Increased bandwidth and scalability, as well as more dependable data transmissions, are all advantages of using high-quality cable in your network ecosystem.

Your structured low voltage cable category rating will be checked by cabling experts to ensure that it fits your business and IT infrastructure needs.

Reliable Services

This means that the installed low voltage systems will perform flawlessly, especially for a longer amount of time, because that is exactly what they were built to accomplish. Expert low voltage MSPs have a team of qualified cabling specialists who will handle all of your maintenance and installation needs, assuring efficiency and safety for your cannabis business.


Cabling experts roll out efficient cabling systems that allow you to witness real-time cost reductions for maintenance and future updates. It is easier to implement changes within a structured and well-designed system. This in return lowers your total future expenditure.

Easy Expansion

Are you looking to expand down the road? Hiring experts for your cabling needs is the way forward. They will be better equipped to handle the demands of a growing cannabis business.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Clutter from wires is not only unappealing, but it can also be dangerous. Hiring cabling experts ensures that cables are properly organized in the dispensary or retail outlet resulting in a clean and safe atmosphere.

Structured Low-Voltage Cabling Solutions Can Help Your Business

Here is how low voltage cabling solutions help your cannabis business:

  • Realized savings in time and money
  • Improve dispensary or store functionality
  • Provide an opportunity for future growth
  • Enhance organization with contained cabling
  • Simplifying all cabling for your IT assets

How Cure8 Can Help?

Cure8 understands that a quality structured cabling system is vital to your cannabis business. In fact, poorly designed or improperly installed cabling causes 80% of dispensary and retail store network problems, like slow data processing, transactional errors, or lost data.

We ensure your dispensary or retail store operates productively and seamlessly by providing detailed planning and certified installation of low voltage cabling systems.

Not just cabling services, Cure8 is the go-to IT partner for all your technical needs. From POS systems to back-office computers, we can help you procure, install and manage everything technical your dispensary or recreational store needs.

Cure8 Office in the US

  • California
  • Denver

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