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For cannabis enterprises in Kentucky, our customized services facilitate smooth operations and sustainable growth, ensuring compliance at every step.

For New Kentucky Cannabis Businesses

Application Writing

Maximize Your Chances of Obtaining a License
Receive professional support with the technical aspects of your Kentucky cannabis license application, including a detailed system security plan, comprehensive security equipment lists, and accurate security floorplans. Whether you are seeking a license for retail, cultivation, or manufacturing, we ensure all materials meet compliance standards, with a rapid turnaround time of 48 hours.

Application Materials

Detailed Security Layouts & Equipment Inventories
Our services include the creation of detailed dispensary security plans and equipment lists tailored to your application. Whether you are an applicant, consultant, lawyer, or application writer, our plans cover all necessary security components and advanced IT features, such as thorough cannabis video surveillance, to ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements and operates safely and efficiently.


Kentucky Cannabis Consulting
Beyond application support, we provide comprehensive cannabis compliance consulting services, addressing technical areas such as IT and security. We assist with IT and security planning, including selecting the right software and equipment, designing robust systems, and connecting you with our trusted network of vendor partners, including security, HR, and accounting experts.

IT & Security Hardware

Effortless Cannabis Hardware Procurement
We offer a wide range of hardware solutions, from tablets and cannabis POS systems to barcode scanners, cash drawers, televisions, laptops, security cameras, and alarm systems. Whether you choose to browse and purchase through our self-service store or have us handle selection and procurement based on your needs and budget, we provide competitive pricing and save you time on extensive research.


Effortless and Compliant Facility Installations
Kentucky's stringent regulations demand compliant facility setups. Our team specializes in installing essential components like cannabis POS systems, advanced surveillance security setups, and low voltage cabling. Our expert guidance ensures a swift and efficient implementation process, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

Cannabis Security Solutions

Ensure Security & Compliance
Keep your cannabis facility secure and compliant with our comprehensive dispensary and cultivation security solutions. We craft tailored security plans, design detailed security floorplans, and provide extensive security equipment lists. Our team also handles the design and installation of surveillance systems to ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements. With a proven track record of safeguarding hundreds of cannabis facilities across North America, we are your trusted partner for all your cannabis security needs.

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For Existing Kentucky Cannabis Operators

IT Takeovers

Ease Your IT Challenges
If managing IT operations in Kentucky has become overwhelming, let us take over and ease your load. We excel in providing comprehensive cannabis security solutions, including round-the-clock management and supervision of IT functions. From cannabis POS systems to security camera solutions, we ensure smooth operations, enabling you to focus on your business goals without technological interruptions.

Managed Services

Round-the-Clock IT Management and Support
Maintain seamless operation of your IT and security infrastructure with our managed services in Kentucky. Our dedicated team offers round-the-clock monitoring, management, and support for your entire technology ecosystem, including POS systems, traceability solutions, cannabis security systems, digital displays, and backend IT operations.

IT Support

Rapid Support at Your Fingertips
When technical challenges arise at your Kentucky dispensary, production facility, cultivation site, distribution center, or vertically integrated operation, our IT specialists are ready to assist. We guarantee rapid response times, with support available in as little as 5 minutes. Additionally, we provide on-site technical support to swiftly address urgent issues, ensuring your IT framework, including cannabis POS systems, remains operational.

M&A Support

Streamlining System Integration
Navigating mergers and acquisitions in the Kentucky cannabis sector demands expert technical support throughout the transaction lifecycle. Our team offers comprehensive guidance from pre-merger planning to post-acquisition integration, specializing in aligning and optimizing technological assets, including cannabis security systems, ensuring a smooth transition and a unified infrastructure. Our expertise extends to cannabis POS systems, dispensary security solutions, and cannabis compliance, ensuring security and compliance at every stage.

HIPAA Compliance Audit

Ensuring Patient Information Security
Medical cannabis facilities in Kentucky must comply with HIPAA regulations when handling patient data. Our specialized team offers comprehensive assessments of your cannabis security plan, covering both cyber and physical security protocols to ensure full compliance. Partnering with us not only shields you from potential fines and penalties but also reinforces the confidentiality of critical information. We provide compliance consulting and tailored dispensary security solutions for peace of mind for both you and your patients.

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