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Technical services to help you license, launch, and grow your Missouri medical or recreational dispensary, processor, cultivation, or distribution firm.

For New Missouri Cannabis Businesses

Application Writing

Give Yourself the Best Chance at a License
Missouri cannabis application writing for microbusiness dispensaries and processors. We can help with technology planning, security plans, floorplan overlays, and more. If you receive a license in the lottery, we can help you put together the extensive documentation you need to pass your inspection and start operating.


Get Expert Help for Everything Technical
Including Missouri cannabis license, application, security, and technology consulting. Get all the support and advice you need from experts that have helped license, launch, and manage hundreds of facilities throughout North America.

IT & Security Hardware

Managed & Self-Service Purchasing
Cannabis IT & security hardware procurement for dispensaries and producers. Get hardware including tablets, POS terminals, barcode scanners, cash drawers, TVs, laptops, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and more, all at competitive prices. Avoid having to spend hours and hours on research.


Complete Facility Setups
Including point of sale system, surveillance system, and low voltage cabling installation. We get in, install the tech and security you need, and get out of your hair.

Cannabis Security Services & Solutions

Stay Secure & Compliant
All the security services you need to launch and grow your cannabis microbusiness in Missouri, including security plans, cybersecurity plans, security consulting, security floorplans, surveillance system installation, surveillance system monitoring services, and more.

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For Existing Missouri Cannabis Operators

IT Takeovers

Get IT Off Your Hands
Your IT gone beyond your ability to manage and control it? It can happen gradually and before you know it you're spending way too much time on technology firefighting, or you have things constantly breaking down and needing to be fixed. Let Cure8 take over your IT as your IT department, and stop worrying about it.

Managed Services

24/7 IT Management & Support
24/7 proactive IT monitoring, management, and support for all your IT assets, including your POS systems, track-and-trace system, surveillance system, digital displays, and back office IT. We help you prevent outages and security breaches, stay compliant, and get rapid tech support whenever you need it.

IT Support

Get Help When You Need It
Cannabis IT support for your dispensary, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, or vertical operation. Get guaranteed support in as little 5 minutes. Onsite tech support available.

M&A Support

Merge & Streamline Systems
Get pre- and post-M&A technical support, whether you're a buyer or seller. We'll help you merge and streamline your technical assets, so your tech isn't siloed and works as a single, unified infrastructure.

HIPAA Compliance Audit

Get a Security Health Checkup
All medical cannabis organizations that handle patient data are required to comply with HIPAA. Our HIPAA compliance experts will review your cyber and physical security measures to ensure you're covered, and help you avoid fines and other penalties.

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We can provide services to any city in Missouri, including:

  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Springfield
  • Independence
  • Columbia
  • Lee’s Summit
  • O’Fallon
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Charles
  • Blue Springs
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  • Raytown

The history of legal cannabis in Missouri is relatively recent and primarily revolves around the legalization of medical marijuana. Here is an overview of the key milestones:

2014: CBD Legislation – Missouri passed a law allowing the limited use of CBD (cannabidiol) oil for individuals with intractable epilepsy. This law provided access to CBD oil with low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), primarily for medical purposes.

2018: Medical Marijuana Legalization – In November 2018, Missouri voters approved Amendment 2, legalizing the use of medical marijuana in the state. This constitutional amendment allowed qualified patients with specific medical conditions to obtain medical marijuana cards and access cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

2019: Implementation and Regulation – Following the passage of Amendment 2, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) was tasked with implementing and regulating the medical marijuana program. The DHSS established rules and regulations for licensing cultivators, processors, dispensaries, and medical marijuana patient certification.

2020: Licensing and Operations – The state initiated the process of licensing medical marijuana facilities, including cultivation sites, dispensaries, and testing laboratories. Various regulations were put in place to ensure compliance with security, quality control, and patient safety measures.

2021: Dispensary Openings – The first licensed medical marijuana dispensaries began operating in Missouri, providing registered patients with access to medical cannabis products. The rollout of dispensaries continued throughout the state, expanding patient access to medical marijuana.

  1. BeLeaf Medical LLC:

    • Description: BeLeaf Medical is a Missouri-based medical cannabis company focused on cultivating and producing high-quality cannabis products. They prioritize patient well-being and offer a variety of strains and products to address specific medical conditions.
    • Website:
  2. 3 Boys Farms:

    • Description: 3 Boys Farms is a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company in Missouri. They specialize in sustainable cultivation practices and produce a range of medical cannabis products with a focus on quality and consistency.
    • Website:
  3. N’Bliss Cannabis:

    • Description: N’Bliss Cannabis is a retail dispensary chain with multiple locations in Missouri. They offer a wide selection of medical cannabis products and aim to provide a positive and educational experience for patients.
    • Website:
  4. Greenlight Dispensary:

    • Description: Greenlight Dispensary is a Missouri-based cannabis retailer with multiple locations. They provide a variety of medical cannabis products and prioritize patient care and education.
    • Website:
  5. Swade Cannabis:

    • Description: Swade Cannabis operates dispensaries in multiple Missouri cities. They offer a range of medical cannabis products and focus on providing personalized service and education to patients.
    • Website:
  1. Premises Security:

    • Adequate fencing and physical barriers to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Video surveillance system covering all areas of the premises, including entrances, exits, storage areas, and parking lots.
    • High-resolution cameras with a minimum of 720p resolution.
    • Cameras must capture clear and identifiable images in all lighting conditions.
    • Recording and retention of surveillance footage for a minimum of 90 days.
    • Backup power supply to ensure continuous surveillance in case of power outages.
  2. Alarm Systems:

    • Intrusion alarm system to protect the premises from unauthorized entry.
    • Panic alarms or duress alarms to alert authorities in case of emergencies.
    • Alarm systems must be monitored and connected to a licensed central monitoring station.
  3. Access Control:

    • Restricted access to areas where cannabis is cultivated, processed, stored, or dispensed.
    • Use of electronic access control systems such as key cards, biometric systems, or keypad codes.
    • Limited access to authorized personnel and visitors with proper identification.
  4. Inventory Control and Tracking:

    • Accurate recordkeeping of all cannabis inventory, including incoming and outgoing products.
    • Use of a seed-to-sale tracking system approved by the state regulatory agency.
    • Regular inventory audits and reconciliations to ensure compliance.
  5. Transportation Security:

    • Secure transportation of cannabis products with GPS tracking and alarm systems.
    • Use of unmarked and secure vehicles for transportation.
    • Licensed and trained personnel responsible for transportation.
  6. Employee Background Checks:

    • Thorough background checks for all employees involved in the cannabis business.
    • Verification of employment history, criminal records, and drug screening.
  7. Security Training and Procedures:

    • Security training for employees to ensure they understand and follow security protocols.
    • Emergency response plans in place for potential incidents or threats.
    • Regular security assessments and updates to address vulnerabilities.
  8. Compliance with Local and State Regulations:

    • Adherence to all applicable local and state regulations regarding security requirements.
  1. Video Surveillance System:

    • Installation of a video surveillance system that covers all areas where cannabis is cultivated, processed, stored, dispensed, or transported.
    • Use of high-resolution cameras capable of capturing clear and identifiable images.
    • Cameras must have a minimum resolution of 720p and cover critical areas such as entrances, exits, points of sale, inventory storage areas, and parking lots.
    • Cameras should provide coverage in all lighting conditions, including low-light and nighttime conditions.
    • The placement of cameras should ensure comprehensive coverage without blind spots.
  2. Camera Specifications:

    • Continuous recording of surveillance footage 24/7.
    • Proper date and time stamping on video recordings.
    • Synchronized time across all cameras within the system.
    • Sufficient storage capacity to retain surveillance footage for a minimum of 90 days.
    • Backup power supply to ensure continuous operation in case of power outages.
  3. Monitoring and Access to Surveillance System:

    • The ability to monitor and access the surveillance system and recorded footage on-site.
    • Authorized personnel should have access to live and recorded video footage as necessary.
    • Storage and backup systems should be secure and protected from tampering or unauthorized access.
  4. Retention of Surveillance Footage:

    • The retention of surveillance footage for a minimum of 90 days.
    • Stored footage must be easily accessible for review and retrieval by authorized personnel and regulatory agencies.
    • Adequate backup measures should be in place to protect against data loss or system failures.
  5. Security System Maintenance:

    • Regular maintenance and testing of the video surveillance system to ensure proper functioning.
    • Prompt repair or replacement of any faulty or damaged cameras or recording equipment.

To obtain a cannabis license in Missouri, you would need to follow the application process outlined by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Here are the general steps involved:

  1. Understand the License Types: Familiarize yourself with the different types of licenses available in Missouri’s medical cannabis program. These may include cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, and testing laboratory licenses. Determine the type of license that aligns with your business goals and capabilities.

  2. Meet Eligibility Requirements: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the DHSS. This may include residency requirements, background checks, financial stability, and compliance with local zoning regulations.

  3. Prepare Required Documentation: Gather the necessary documents as specified by the DHSS. This typically includes business plans, financial statements, operating procedures, security plans, inventory tracking systems, and proof of compliance with state and local regulations.

  4. Submit the Application: Complete and submit the application form provided by the DHSS during the designated application period. Ensure that all required documents and fees are included with your submission.

  5. Application Evaluation and Review: The DHSS will review your application, including the supporting documents, to assess compliance with the regulations and evaluate your qualifications. This may involve a thorough review process, including background checks and financial evaluations.

  6. Application Approval and License Issuance: If your application is approved, you will be granted a cannabis license by the DHSS. The specific terms and conditions of the license will be provided to you.

  7. Compliance and Operations: Once you receive the license, you must comply with all regulations and requirements set forth by the DHSS. This includes ongoing compliance with security, inventory tracking, reporting, and operational guidelines.

  1. Application Fees: There are non-refundable application fees payable to the state regulatory agency. In Missouri, the application fee for a medical cannabis dispensary license was $6,000.

  2. Licensing and Regulatory Costs: Once approved, there may be additional licensing fees, permits, and regulatory costs associated with obtaining and maintaining the dispensary license. These costs can vary and should be factored into your budget.

  3. Real Estate and Lease Expenses: The cost of securing a suitable retail space for your dispensary can vary depending on the location and market conditions. This includes lease or purchase costs, as well as potential build-out or renovation expenses to meet regulatory requirements.

  4. Security System and Compliance Measures: Cannabis dispensaries require robust security systems to comply with state regulations. This can include the installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras, alarms, access control systems, and inventory tracking software. The cost of security measures can vary based on the size and complexity of the dispensary.

  5. Inventory and Product Costs: Building an initial inventory of cannabis products can be a significant expense. Costs will depend on the variety and quantity of products you plan to offer. It’s important to work with licensed suppliers and comply with state regulations regarding product sourcing.

  6. Staffing and Payroll: Budget for employee salaries, benefits, and training. The number of employees will depend on the size of the dispensary and the services offered.

  7. Marketing and Advertising: Allocate funds for marketing and advertising efforts to promote your dispensary and attract customers. Costs can vary depending on your marketing strategy and the scale of your campaign.

  8. Compliance and Legal Services: Consider the cost of hiring legal and compliance professionals to ensure ongoing adherence to state and local regulations. This can include consulting fees, compliance audits, and legal advice.

It is crucial to create a detailed business plan and budget that takes into account all the specific costs and considerations for opening and operating a dispensary in Missouri. Consulting with industry professionals and experienced advisors can provide further guidance on estimating the costs associated with opening a cannabis dispensary.



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