41 Tech Companies at MJBizCon 2021


Top 41 Tech Companies at MJBizCon 2021

MJBizCon 2021 is a great place to review all (or most) the cannabis software and IT hardware out there, whether you’re a cannabis business that’s looking to see what products and features are available or someone in the cannabis tech space looking to keep up with the latest trends. With over 1,000 exhibitors, it might be tough to find what you’re looking for or deciding which companies to research and prepare for before the event.

MJBizCon has a great searchable directory, but personally we find the category “Software & Technology” to be a little vague. You might just be looking for a specific type of software. Also, it’s not easy to compare all the different options when you can only look up each company individually. Being in the cannabis tech space ourselves, we though we’d try to be helpful and create a more detailed directory of all the cannabis software and IT hardware companies exhibiting at the show.

Who Isn’t Exhibiting This Year?

The dispensary POS companies Flowhub and Meadow, the ERP Flourish, the grow software Trym, and the compliance software Simplifya are some of the notable names that don’t show up in the exhibitors’ list this year. Be sure to check them out if you’re evaluating your software stack regardless.

In addition, if you weren’t aware, in recent years the cannabis POSes Green Bits and Leaf Logix were purchased by Dutchie, and the cannabis ERPs Viridian Sciences and Trellis were acquired by Akerna (365 Cannabis too, though they appear to be exhibiting separately from Akerna, at least for this MJBizCon). No idea if those acquired products will be featured at those companies’ booths; it’ll be interesting to see!

What Isn’t Included in This Guide?

We don’t want this guide to be too long, so we only focused on general, broad-based cannabis business software and hardware. Some of the types of products we didn’t include:

  • Payment processing, payroll processing, and cash management solutions
  • Product verification software like CannVerify
  • Grow solutions that are closer to industrial machinery than IT solutions
  • Security solutions including surveillance systems and monitoring services (deep enough topic to be its own blog post)

All Tech Companies at MJBizCon 2021

Dispensary Software

POS & Dispensary Software


Booth: C8035

Website: https://www.retailcontrolsystems.com/

Description: When it comes to understanding the industry, nobody does it better. We focus on helping our customer optimize their business by increasing sales, decreasing expenses, managing staff, and enhancing your customer’s overall experience. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to your cannabis software and hardware retail needs. Powered by industry leader NCR’s proven software, with over 10,000 installations!

Cova Software

Booth: C2612

Website: www.covasoftware.com

Description: Cova Software is the leading POS solution in the cannabis industry. Cova helps retailers simplify compliance, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue through automated compliance, inventory management, and mobile reporting dashboards. Our retail platform powers 20,000 stores with virtually no downtime, even on 4/20, making us the most robust and reliable cannabis POS system available.


Booth: C5435

Website: www.indicaonline.com

Description: IndicaOnline is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution that helps users process transactions and manage daily operations for dispensaries and delivery services.


Booth: C3225

Website: www.kayapush.com

Description: Grow and scale your cannabis retail store by simplifying HR, payroll, and employee management with an easy all-in-one platform. KayaPush started with a Chartered Accountant who had been running his own practice for 11 years. He enjoyed understanding tax laws and keeping up with changes that affected payroll of his clients. The KayaPush team takes care of payroll remittances, understands tax laws, and has become a key part of every management team that has brought us on.


Booth: N1929

Website: https://thestrainapp.com

Description: STRAIN is the only mobile APP and platform that brings cannabis dispensaries closer to their customers. We provide dispensaries a white-label mobile APP and platform that centralize all their operation tools for sales, marketing, customer service, and retention. The best part, it’s in a real-time connection to the dispensary POS!

Weed Apps

Booth: C8136

Website: www.weedapps.io

Description: Cova Software is the leading POS solution in the cannabis industry. Cova helps retailers simplify compliance, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue through automated compliance, inventory management, and mobile reporting dashboards. Our retail platform powers 20,000 stores with virtually no downtime, even on 4/20, making us the most robust and reliable cannabis POS system available.

Dispensary Marketing Software


Booth: C5619

Website: www.springbig.com

Description: The leading cannabis marketing platform. Increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter cannabis marketing campaigns.


Booth: C2120

Website: www.surfside.io

Description: Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates 1st party data across all customer touchpoints, allowing advertisers the ability to better understand, target and measure how to influence current and future customers. They are the only cannabis-focused customer data platform (CDP) with a complete view and opinion on the cannabis consumer, enabling Surfside customers to find and attract qualified consumers through monetization of their online and in-store audiences.


Booth: C3147

Website: https://www.WARPSPD.ai/

Description: WARPSPD enables businesses to effectively reach consumers and deliver AI-powered personalized experiences that drive traffic, conversion, and loyalty. WARPSPD was founded in 2019 and is led by a team of retail, e-commerce, and technology veterans. Driven by the latest leading-edge technology, our cloud-native digital solutions, powered by the latest developments in Mobile and AI, help retailers across the globe stay competitive and increase revenues in today’s dynamically changing retail landscape. We are based in Pleasanton, California

Ecommerce Software


Booth: C8211

Website: Dutchie.com

Description: At dutchie, we’re driven by our mission to use technology to provide easy access to cannabis for everyone. We’ve developed the easiest, most reliable e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions in the space – built specifically to meet the unique needs of cannabis retailers.

Leaf Trade

Booth: C6918

Website: https://leaf.trade/

Description: We connect wholesale cannabis buyers and sellers by providing technology that streamlines supply chains and business operations. Dynamic ordering, eCommerce, and payment solutions allow wholesale cannabis transactions to occur as effectively as possible. Dispensaries simplify their buying process through an easy-to-use browser interface. We offer our customers an ever-expanding suite of tools and integrations that help drive sales, fulfill orders and streamline processes to stay ahead of constantly increasing market and customer expectations.


Booth: C9018

Website: leaflink.com

Description: LeafLink, the unified B2B cannabis platform, has optimized and fueled the growth of the cannabis industry, creating new efficiencies in how cannabis operators buy, sell, ship, pay, and get paid. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, and is live in 30 territories across the United States and Canada. LeafLink manages over $4.4B+ in annual orders, making up an estimated 39% of US wholesale cannabis commerce. Backed by leading venture capital firms and strategic investors such as Thrive Capital, Nosara Capital and Lerer Hippeau, LeafLink has raised more than US$131 million to date. Learn more at https://leaflink.com/.



Booth: C8517

Website: www.acrelec.com

Description: To harness your business’s potential, you need a powerful technology engine that drives a better customer experience. That’s why the world’s leading companies turn to ACRELEC to maximize their growth. With our rich suite of end-to-end hardware & software solutions, global expertise and customizable services, we are fundamentally transforming how your customers dine, shop & live. With over 800 employees around the globe, we enable companies to take control and optimize their business quickly, securely and efficiently.

Elo Touch Solutions

Booth: C8816

Website: https://www.elotouch.com/

Description: Elo delivers industry-leading POS touchscreen monitors, all-in-one computers & self-service POS solutions that Fit Your Business. We design our touchscreen POS systems to offer flexibility across environments. Whether you need a fixed-lane touchscreen POS system for retail or a self-order solution, Elo can help ensure that all POS touchscreen monitors deliver the experience your employees need and your customers want.


Booth: C7808

Website: getenlightened.io

Description: Enlighten is the cannabis industry’s most trusted platform built to maximize omnichannel presence. With the mission to grow the cannabis industry, Enlighten’s ecosystem is designed to reach cannabis and canna-curious consumers precisely within the physical, digital or social moments that matter most. As pioneers and proven experts of in-dispensary tv menus, digital signage, and cannabis-compliant digital advertising, Enlighten provides cannabis industry partners the opportunity to INFLUENCE, SURROUND, and ACTIVATE those consumers everywhere with unprecedented ease, accessibility, and reach.

ERP & Supply Chain Software

ERP / Seed-to-Sale

365 Cannabis

Booth: C1838

Website: https://www.365cannabis.com

Description: 365 Cannabis, an Akerna Company, is the ERP software solution built for the cannabis industry. Combining traditional supply chain management capabilities with cannabis-specific functionality, 365 Cannabis offers a complete cannabis business management solution from seed to sale. 365 Cannabis is the complete cannabis ERP software of choice for cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers.


Booth: C6216

Website: https://www.akerna.com/

Description: Akerna is the first cannabis software company to be listed on a major U.S. exchange. Since that time, Akerna has continued to grow and evolve, focusing on key acquisitions of technology companies specifically designed to support the cannabis industry.


Booth: C8606

Website: https://blaze.me

Description: BLAZE is a cannabis ERP providing best-in-class tools for operators in the seed-to-sale supply chain. Our software suite provides a robust solution for cannabis cultivators, distributors, dispensaries and delivery services. BLAZE makes tech simple with an easy-to-use frontend powered by an enterprise backend that streamlines operations and simplifies inventory management. Our software automates reporting to ensure compliance with state and local laws and integrates seamlessly with over 40 technology partners in the cannabis industry.


Booth: C7446

Website: www.brytemap.com

Description: Brytemap offers seed-to-sale software solutions in the form of a pair of technologies for companies in the cannabis industry. GreenR™ is a POS software platform for dispensaries that includes features enabling pre-orders, e-commerce, communications and marketing, loyalty programs, inventory management, managed services, next-level software security and automated compliance reporting for Metrc. GreenR™ allows dispensary owners to accomplish all of that with a single, unified platform. No more software conflicts or wasted time from a piecemeal approach. Brytemap’s other software offering, Scout™ is for cultivators and manufacturers. Scout is a Metrc-integrated RFID handheld device that puts you in control of your entire facility. Accurate inventory control and reporting is critical to the success of any cannabis operation. Scout leverages RFID technology to help audit all tagged inventory and reduces time spent in Metrc with automated data pushes, automatic reconciliation, exception reporting and data dashboards that give you actionable analytics. Scout allows you to run scans by location, date and/or RFID tag ranges, track plant history and more.


Booth: N2835

Website: www.budbo.io

Description: Budbo is a suite of cannabis industry solutions powered by blockchain. The company’s flagship product has an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and was specifically designed to help patients and recreational users discover new locally available cannabis products.


Booth: C8912

Website: https://www.canix.com/

Description: Canix’s cannabis ERP software eliminates the frustrating busywork in compliance, inventory management and sales in your cannabis business.

CannaBusiness ERP

Booth: C5216

Website: https://www.cannabusinesserp.com

Description: CannaBusiness ERP is built to manage your entire business. More than basic seed-to-sale or compliance-only software, CannaBusiness ERP tracks production, inventory, sales, finance, quality and clients. – Supports quality and safety (GMP, US State/Health Canada reporting) – Improves cultivation and production management – Increases inventory accuracy and provides insight to actual costs. We’ve incorporated best practices from top growers and industry leaders.


Booth: C5932

Website: https://canna-point.com/

Description: The CannaPoint Seed-to-Sale software was designed by industry experts specifically for grow operations, manufacturing facilities and retail operations in the cannabis industry. We are METRC certified and can help track plants from propagation to processing to leaving the store in a customers’ hands all while ensuring compliance based on regulations specific to each state. With 15+ years in the cannabis/greenhouse/nursery industries, CannaPoint is years ahead of the competition in development. The core NCR point of sale and inventory engine is a proven enterprise solution and is the key to maximizing compliancy.


Booth: C2631

Website: https://www.biotrack.com/

Description: BioTrack by Forian is an all-in-one cannabis software solution for a number of those within the supply chain, including cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, seed-to-sale operators, and government regulators. Forian, BioTrack’s parent company, provides a unique suite of SaaS solutions, seed to sale tracking, data management capabilities, and proprietary data and analytics to optimize the operational, clinical, and financial performance of our healthcare, cannabis, and government customers. Forian’s lines of business consist of solutions focused on patient registries, commercial analytics, real world evidence and products to help your cannabis-based business grow.


Booth: N2526

Website: http://peak360software.com/

Description: PEAK360™ is an industry proven, turn-key Cannabis Distribution and Manufacturing Software Solution. World class track and traceability, real-time visibility, maximized efficiency, and control over your distribution facility from a team with decades of experience. PEAK360™ offers technology solutions exceeding State regulatory requirements, decreasing operational expenses, and ensuring your organization is empowered to lead and manage through every industry evolution.

Quantum Leaf Solutions

Booth: C5608

Website: www.Quantumleafsolutions.com

Description: Complete full service software platform for the cannabis and hemp industry!

Royal 4 / WISE

Booth: C28841

Website: https://www.royal4.com/cannabis-software/

Description: Royal 4 Systems provides decades of implementations in a wide variety of industries for over 35 years. Our experience in Food & Beverage has paved the way to support the Cannabis industry with common elements that include WMS/ERP, Lot/Batch Control, Seed-to-Sale/ Inventory Tracking, POS and METRC Compliance. Royal 4 is highly configurable, scalable, a real-time rules based application that is platform and hardware independent.


Booth: C9020

Website: https://www.strimo.net

Description: Strimo is the leading global ERP solution for cannabis business optimization. Strimo is an easy-to-use, highly scalable platform that empowers informed decisions in real-time at every level of your organization. From cultivation to extraction to distribution, Strimo’s mission is to make cannabis businesses more efficient, profitable, and scalable. Your business demands an enterprise solution, we deliver. The Strimo Platform advantage provides: • Accelerated Business Insights • Regulatory Compliance • Supply Chain Management and Costing • Real-Time Inventory Visibility • Advanced Inventory & Order Fulfillment • Integrated Cloud Applications • Cultivation, Extraction, Manufacturing Management • Workforce Management and Analysis • Scalable Solution with Open API


Booth: C4538

Website: https://www.zunaco.com/

Description: Zuna provides enterprise cultivation management solutions for the cannabis and agriculture industries. Fueled by AI and innovative advancements, Zuna’s RADIX product suite of platforms automate operations and accelerate growth cycles within vertically-integrated companies.

Supply Chain / Compliance


Booth: C1561

Website: https://backboneiq.com/

Description: Rooted in data, Backbone powers the cannabis and hemp industry with best-in-class supply chain and compliance tracking software tailored to your unique operation. Using built-in best practices and customizable building blocks, the Backbone software provides customer-defined inventory records and production workflows while incorporating industry-specific compliance requirements and business-specific financial tracking.

Global Cannabis Applications Corporation

Booth: C2728

Website: http://cannappscorp.com/

Description: We develop technologies that benefit the medical cannabis ecosystem by helping cultivators control and optimize product lifecycle to improve the consumer experience and create better patient outcomes.


Booth: C7742

Website: https://locus.sh/

Description: Locus is a technology platform that uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. Its smart supply chain solutions provide end-to-end visibility and enable enterprises to enhance their operational efficiency by reining in costs, streamlining the customer experience, and reducing environmental impact. Locus’s scalable solutions include route optimization, real-time tracking and analytics, sales beat optimization, territory planning, vehicle allocation, and network design. Our future-ready platform has resulted in $1.2 billion+ savings in logistics costs, 800 million+ miles reductions in distance traveled, and 426 kiloton reduction in GHG emissions across clients like Nestle, Mondelez, Unilever, BigBasket, Bluedart, Bukalapak, The Tata Group, and many others. The company powers deliveries across North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, ANZ, and the Indian Subcontinent. 


Booth: C9007

Website: https://www.nodesoftware.com/

Description: Business Intelligence, Inventory Management, and Compliance tools for the cannabis industry. Node offers comprehensive solutions for any company within the cannabis supply chain. From Cultivators to Dispensaries, vertically integrated suppliers, and everything in between.


Booth: C2638

Website: https://regrow.io

Description: Regrow is the premier cloud-based supply chain management platform designed specifically to help cannabis organizations manage their inventory, increase their yields, maximize their canopy space, automate workflows, manage their workforce, and ensure documented compliance in all areas of the supply chain. Designed by software and process experts passionate about cannabis and helping scale the industry, the Regrow platform helps companies automate manual tasks, reduce costs, avoid supply shortages, and create dynamic workflows that help to maximize yields and increase profitability. Driven by a core “continuous improvement” philosophy, the Regrow platform is configurable to specific business needs and easily adaptable to a company’s scaling objectives, offering prescriptive solutions while conforming to unique business requirements.

Cultivation & Processing Software


Booth: C3512

Website: https://www.agrify.com/

Description: Agrify is a developer of premium grow solutions for the indoor agriculture marketplace. We use data, science, and technology to empower our customers to be more efficient, more productive, and more intelligent about how they run their businesses. Our highly advanced and proprietary hardware and software solutions have been designed to help our customers achieve the highest quality, consistency, and yield, all at the lowest possible cost.


Booth: C4418

Website: https://aroya.io/

Description: AROYA is a cannabis production platform that combines industry-leading hardware and software to help cultivators increase yield, scale operations, and achieve consistent quality. Based in Pullman, Washington, and a division of METER Group, Inc., AROYA optimizes and demystifies the entire cannabis production process from seed to package.


Booth: C6408

Website: https://broadleafcannabis.com/

Description: Broadleaf’s comprehensive platform is proven to increase revenue and product yields, improve product quality and consistency, and reduce planning time for crops and tasks. Broadleaf gives cannabis companies the freedom to nurture the art and craft of cultivation. Our seamless on-the-go tools are focused on helping you do more of the things you love, while integrating all the data you never had before.

Elevated Signals

Booth: C9122

Website: https://elevatedsignals.com/

Description: Elevated Signals provides cannabis producers with user-friendly manufacturing software that combines batch production, quality compliance, and environmental data into a single platform. Built in tandem with cannabis producers, its software helps users spend less time battling paper, spreadsheets, and seed-to-sale software by giving them visibility of their entire manufacturing process. GMP validated, Elevated Signals is used in some of the largest facilities in North America, as well as a growing wave of innovative mid-size and craft operations. It is the fastest-growing regulated manufacturing execution and quality software company in Canada.


Booth: C5018

Website: https://foliogrow.com/

Description: FolioGrow is smart cannabis cultivation software that helps you make the right decisions to increase your yields and profits. If you are using whiteboards to manage your cannabis grow, you’re losing KPIs and valuable grow data. Which strains are the most profitable? Which employees are performing the best? Is your cost-per-pound (CPP) as low as it could be? All of these factors affect the profitability of your grow. FolioGrow is a cannabis cultivation management platform (CCMP) that pulls together all of your data to help you make better decisions. From every one of your team members up to your investors, you can get the right information to the right people at the right time. Run your grow like a stock portfolio by unlocking the math in your crop.

Greenest Grow

Booth: C2760

Website: https://greenest-grow.com/

Description: Enjoy higher yields with less stress. We help you plan and manage your grow, optimize individual plant care, organize your team and monitor your facility. Isn’t it high time for a high tech grow?


Booth: C5016

Website: https://growlink.com/

Description: Growlink OS connects all of the technology in your farm. You and your team can control nearly every device and system in the farm in ways that are intuitive and easy to use. Get clarity over your farm data, in ways you’d never expect. ​Find and share meaningful insights with dozens of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors.

Who Are We?

Cure8 is the cannabis industry’s go-to IT partner. Whether you’re a vendor looking to partner up or a cannabis business in need of IT support, check out our main site or visit us at booth C8816 to learn more about what we do and how we can help.

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