New Jersey Cannabis Security Requirements

Security is an important component of running any business, as theft or any other unfortunate incident can lead to severe losses. Security may not be a very challenging topic for your business unless you are a Cannapreneur. And as a cannabis business owner, your security needs are a little more challenging.

The regulations governing cannabis sales are complicated, and you may be compelled by law to take specific security precautions. Cannabis businesses require more protection due to the fact that they are attractive targets.

This blog will give you an insight into the security requirements of running a cannabis business in New Jersey.

New Jersey allows the sale and use of medical marijuana, and a referendum to legalize cannabis for adult use was be voted on in November 2020.

New Jersey cannabis is governed by a single body: the Cannabis Control Commission. It is a Division of Medical Marijuana of the New Jersey Department of Health. This body of the New Jersey Department of Health inspects cannabis dispensaries for final operation permission, although construction is overseen by local municipal building departments.

In order to comply with the Division of Medical Marijuana’s security regulations, a Cannabis Dispensary in New Jersey must take a variety of measures.

What is a Cannabis Security Plan?

Cannabis security plan ensures that not a single gram of cannabis goes missing from seed to sale. And everyone in the supply chain, from grower to transporter to dispensary to buyer, is secured and safe during their purchase and business activities.

Should Your Company Hire An IT Partner For Cannabis Security?

Absolutely!  Cannabis security is increasingly becoming an IT profession, involving high-tech systems that all work together to achieve the twin goals of ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the cannabis industry, from employees to customers, as well as ensuring that no cannabis or cash proceeds from its sale are lost. These systems are becoming more complicated every day, and the data they collect can help your business better understand market trends and client preferences. 

So please go above and beyond the forms you hope will suffice and hire a sophisticated IT security partner like Cure8 that will be able to maintain your firm on the cutting edge of cannabis and data protection for years to come.

Create a Comprehensive Security Plan for Compliance

Having a security plan in place for your cannabis business will help you comply with New Jersey’s state regulations while also keeping your product safe and profitable. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to upgrade your security technologies at some point:

  • Adequate lighting in monitored areas, including perhaps motion-sensing lights
  • A security mechanism to ensure that only authorized personnel gain access.
  • Video of all entry points, such as windows and roof hatches
  • Your team or authorized personnel will receive training on how to use the system.
  • A safe place to keep and use your security system.
  • All sites where cannabis is cultivated or handled must be monitored

From the storage of seeds until the sale or transportation of the plant, every step must be closely controlled. Technology can assist you in developing an integrated solution that allows you to handle surveillance, access control, storage, and other functions from a single system! You can contact our team of experts to set up the security system for your cannabis business in New Jersey!

Cannabis Security Requirements in New Jersey

Following are the security requirements as mandated by the state of New Jersey:

Alarm System Requirements

An alarm system must be installed at the marijuana facility by the cannabis business owner. They must provide all information pertaining to the alarm system, monitoring, and alarm activity available to the department upon request.

A duress alarm is a silent security alarm system signal generated by entering a designated code into an arming station to communicate that the alarm user is being forced to switch off the system for the purposes of this rule.

A panic alarm is an audible security alarm system signal generated by the manual activation of a device designed to signal a life-threatening or emergency needing law enforcement attention.

A holdup alarm is a silent alarm signal created by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a robbery in progress.

All the above-mentioned types of alarms must be installed at cannabis facilities in New Jersey. Make sure you install the apt alarms to keep your business safe, secure, and compliant.

Camera systems

Electronic monitoring, video cameras, and panic buttons are also required at New Jersey Cannabis Dispensaries’ interior and outside premises. A video surveillance system must be installed and maintained to ensure that all critical control activities of New Jersey cannabis dispensaries are clearly monitored at all times.

Cannabis business owners can keep an eye on their property from anywhere using closed-circuit television (CCTV) security camera systems. Choose New Jersey-compliant storage and archiving options that are easy yet reliable. Furthermore, the CCTV system’s monitoring software must be compatible with virtually any device.

Access control Systems

Access control systems have the advantage of allowing you to control who has access to which areas of the facility. You may, for example, restrict access to the cannabis storage facility to particular personnel. Those positions will be identified in the plan. When an employee with access quits the dispensary, you must deactivate the employee’s access.

In fact, cloud-based access control can save you money by avoiding the exorbitant costs of setting up an on-site server. When your building’s entrance system is cloud-based, you can access it using any smartphone or wireless device.

Delivery Security Is Very Important

New Jersey state regulations mandate an armed, uniformed security person deliver your product or accompany your delivery driver for product exchange to keep your merchandise safe throughout delivery.

Following these steps before, during, and after delivery of cannabis:

  • Inventory inspection
  • Seal number match
  • Secured delivery status

You’ll need a vehicle that’s durable, dependable, and secure, as well as one that complies with all applicable state rules covering the use of a vehicle for business activities and vehicle registration requirements in general:

  • Capable of securing (locking) cannabis goods while in transit
  • Equipped with an alarm system; and
  • Temperature control is possible if perishable cannabis products are being transported.
  • GPS tracked route updates

Touchpad climate controls, insulated floors, and walls, reinforced doors, and roofs, welded side doors, and door hinge covers are all required on “Cannavans,” or cannabis delivery vehicles, as additional security against break-ins. 

Know When To Ask For Help

Finally, if you decide to hire security services, look for a company that has experience in the cannabis sector and has the competence to help you strengthen physical, technical, and regulatory security. Inquire about how they can assist you in assessing your current security and compliance postures and developing a robust and comprehensive program, and then utilize these best practices to evaluate potential security experts.

The cannabis sector is booming, and it’s an exciting moment to be a business owner. If you are a cannabis business owner in New Jersey follow the state regulations to reduce risk and increase the profitability of your company venture.

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