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Now That You Have an Alabama Medical License, What’s Next?

Congratulations on securing your licenses from the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission! It’s a big step toward joining this thriving industry. However, unlike any other industry, establishing the cannabis business involves adherence to never ending rules and guidelines. Hence, to keep your business running seamlessly and your license secure, it’s time to focus on the next step to ensure the success of your cannabis business.  

In this post, we’ll discuss after obtaining your Alabama medical license, what are the next steps to take.  

When and What Type of Licenses are Granted by AMCC?  

On December 1, 2023, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission granted licenses for a cultivator, processor, dispensary, secure transporter, and state testing laboratory.   

Now That You Have an Alabama Medical License, What’s Next?  

You might be thinking the toughest part is over, but the reality is that running a business amidst numerous regulations isn’t as easy as it seems. To make your journey smoother, here are crucial elements to consider keeping your business aligned with cannabis regulations and on the path to success.  

Establish a Robust Operational Strategy & SOPs:   

Creating an effective operational plan is a must for overseeing key aspects like security, cultivation, processing, and dispensing in your cannabis business. This plan acts as a day-to-day routine guide to uphold compliance at every operational stage. So, solid SOPs are essential to guarantee adherence to legal regulations and avoid any compromises in your business operations.  

What Exactly are SOPs?   

Standard Operating Procedures Aka SOPs is a systematic way to manage your day-to-day tasks, operations and to ensure adherence to regulations, promote transparency, and minimize risks within your cannabis dispensary. SOPs are indispensable for handling the following requirements in the facility:  

  • Ensure security, cameras, and videos are functioning properly.  
  • Safely lock all are there on doors and display cabinets  
  • Report any identified security threats  
  • Record product sales information into tracking systems.  
  • Conduct visual inspections for signs of break-ins or forced entry.  
  • Manage incoming and incorrect orders.  
  • Review and reconcile inventory records.  
  • Generate sales and compliance reports for record-keeping.  
  • Adhere to cash-out protocols and ensure accurate cash register closing.  
  • Keep a tab on sanitation to ensure the dispensary premise is inviting and clean  
  • Packaging & shipping guidelines to ensure compliance and safe transportation.    

Secure the Perfect Real-Estate Spot: 

Choosing the right spot for your dispensary is crucial for your business’s success. When scouting locations, prioritize accessibility, visibility, and alignment with your target market. Ensure the chosen spot complies with all zoning laws and dispensary regulations. 

Consider factors like proximity to residential areas, buildings, traffic, parking availability, and the presence of complementary businesses. Finding a property that meets these criteria is a vital step to engage customers and draw attention.

Strong IT & Surveillance System:   

Unlike any other industry, cannabis businesses are frequent targets for hackers and cybercriminals seeking financial gains. Hence, establishing a secure and robust security system within the cannabis facility is really important. Hiring an IT expert to fortify your business and installing a reliable 24/7 surveillance system is essential in preventing security incidents. Adhere to cannabis surveillance regulations to keep your cannabis and cannabis products safe in the retail store.   

Pay Attention to Facility Floorplan and Design:   

Whether you’ve secured a license for cultivation, processing, or dispensing, it’s important to invest in the required infrastructure, floorplan, and floor design to ensure your facilities align with safety and compliance standards set by local and state authorities. Failure to adhere to cannabis regulations could lead to license suspension or legal penalties.   

Plan Inventory Management:  

Managing inventory in dispensaries or retail facilities comes with tons of challenges, particularly due to its significant impact on expenses and the imperative of maintaining compliance. Cannabis retail businesses require effective tools and technology to streamline processes, reduce manual efforts, and enhance inventory organization.  

Hire & Train the Right People:  

Build a team of qualified individuals and invest in their training to ensure a standardized process to minimize the chance of errors. Provide comprehensive education on compliance, customer service, and product knowledge to empower everyone to make informed decisions and handle crises effectively. Effective staff training is necessary for your business success.  

Hiring the wrong person can lead to a mountain of problems, hence if you’ve too much on your plate and do not have enough time to hire the right staff and train them properly, you can get help from an expert to help you hire the right talent.  

Create Effective Marketing Strategies: 

Once your dispensary is legally established, shift your focus to marketing and promotion. Develop a well-structured strategy covering online marketing, social media engagement, local advertising, and community outreach to draw in new customers. 

What are the Cannabis Business Basic Requirements?  

If you already have a cannabis business or planning to open one, these are some important elements that are required for smooth operations and to prevent license suspension situations.   

  • Staff Management: Hiring, training, and supervising personnel such as budtenders and security staff.  
  • Security: Implementing measures to ensure the safety of both the business and customers.  
  • Inventory Control: Ensuring accurate product labeling, managing inventory levels, and adhering to regulatory requirements.  
  • Financial Management: Overseeing budgets and maintaining financial records.  
  • Compliance: Staying informed about evolving cannabis laws and regulations.  
  • Marketing: Developing and executing strategies to attract and retain customers.  
  • Customer Service: Creating a welcoming and knowledgeable environment for customers. Create feedback forms to improve customer experience and attract new customers.    

How Can Cure8 Help?  

Cure8 has a team of qualified experts who can help you with SOPs, so you can start or run a cannabis business on the right foot. Beyond customized SOPs, Cure8 extends support in dispensary floorplan design, offering templates for your journey’s smooth progression. If you want your cannabis venture to go well, get in touch to find out how Cure8 can help you.  

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