The Ideal Cannabis Tech Stack

A lot of cannabis businesses throw their cannabis tech “stack” together quickly as they launch. “Stack” is a fun bit of tech jargon that just means all the IT your business is using. The term reflects the fact that tech often integrates with and depends on other tech in order to work.

If you were starting a new cannabis business from scratch today, what kind of tech would we recommend? What is the ideal tech stack for cannabis businesses?


The point of sale is where all transaction between a salesperson and a customer happens in a retail establishment. Depending on the type of system the cannabis retail store utilizes, a POS will typically have a register or a checkout counter.

POS systems are software applications that have features to help with transactions. All transactions between customers and store employees that involve money are recorded in these point-of-sale systems thanks to the software that is integrated with a computer display at the store exits.

Must have features of a POS

  • Sales Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Employee Reporting & Management

Invest in a good POS and experience error-free transactions and happy customers.


There are plenty of advantages of having WiFi in your cannabis store. It is a great way to attract customers and boost in-store engagement. By providing free wifi to your in-store customers, you’ll entice them to stay longer and significantly increase the likelihood that they’ll revisit.

Meeting the needs of the customer is critical to the success of any business. The most crucial element if you want to see your cannabis business succeed is customer satisfaction. WiFi is a useful resource since it allows you to gather customer data. Using WiFi will let you give your consumers a more personalized service. Your service quality will improve since you will understand your customers better. WiFi aids in visitor segmentation and can be used as a marketing tool.


As a matter of fact, cannabis businesses are becoming a common target of cybercrime because of their rich customer data, payment process vulnerability, and high financial value.

You must pay attention to IT security if you want to protect the data of your clients, and maintain your revenue flow, and positive reputation. Start with a strong firewall.

A firewall could be a software program or a hardware device. Incoming data traffic must be inspected by both types in order to determine whether to block it or allow it through its destination.

Business Productivity Suite

Every cannabis business needs enterprise-class productivity tools for their team – delivered on the cloud. You can implement the best productivity suite with Office 365. Your team will have access to Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and the rest of the Office suite on up to 10 devices of their choice. This means that you always have access to your business whether you are working on your home tablet, workplace PC, or smartphone.

Surveillance System

Due to the rapidly changing security regulations in the cannabis industry, ensuring seed-to-sale compliance is challenging. It’s crucial to keep track of every aspect of your cannabis business to ensure both industry success and safety. To keep a close eye on every activity in and around your facility and to ensure the security of your dispensary, your products, and your staff, integrating a good surveillance system is a must.

Cannabis Delivery Apps

Cannabis delivery applications are a convenient way to deliver cannabis to consumers’ doorsteps for medical or recreational purposes. To ensure quick and secure delivery, the customer places an order online, through an app, or by phone. This is a great alternative for consumers who are unable to visit their local dispensary.

Having a delivery app for your dispensary can increase your sales many folds. The best cannabis delivery software available in the market are WebJoint, Work Wave, Onfleet, and others.

Cannabis Marketing Software

A cannabis store is not required to always have its products on hand in its physical storefronts. Moreover, a website for the specialty cannabis store offers a fantastic opportunity for the businesses to initially promote their products. However, a mobile app can create a completely new level of customer experience and enable your specialty cannabis business to connect and interact with a completely new set of customers. 

Cannabis HR Software

Like every other business, cannabis stores need HR software to help with complex payroll solutions, timekeeping, recruitment, workforce management, and more. Implementing good cannabis HR software like – Enjoy Wurk, KayaPush, or Arcoro HR can help in simplifying your HR needs.

Solink Integration

Solink is a VSaaS solution that is purpose-built for businesses through the integration of video and data. Its video surveillance platform helps cannabis businesses manage operations, security, and loss prevention. Therefore, to keep your transactions safe Solink integration is a must.

How Can Cure8 Help?

Cure8 is every cannabis business’s go to IT company. We can help you choose the right tech stack for your business, integrate it, and help you launch on time. Contact us today to acquire the ideal cannabis tech stack for your cannabis business.

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