The State Of Cannabis Security


The State Of Cannabis Security In 2024

Being non-compliant can be expensive and cannabis dispensaries are well aware of this, as they are subject to some of the most stringent restrictions in the world. It’s difficult to be in complete compliance with all regulations on the first try.

The state of cannabis security is getting more stringent day by day keeping in view the booming market and the thriving illegal cannabis market. 

Let us know in the blog the most typical issues with cannabis security in 2023:

Stringent Licensing

Before opening its doors, cannabis, like any other business, requires a number of licenses, approvals, and audits. While each state’s regulations and security standards vary. However, nearly all require a security strategy that includes:

  • Electronic alarms
  • Surveillance systems,
  • Audit trails that must be archived.

 As part of the licensing application process, these security strategies are severely weighed. Applicants lose points if their security plan is deemed to be inadequate. A license will not be awarded if an applicant’s overall grade/number does not meet the criterion. 

Seed-To-Sale Tracking

Seed-to-sale refers to the method of identifying each cannabis plant with a barcode or radio-frequency identification (RFID) that allows them to be traced throughout their lifecycle and sale. Anything cannabis users buy has a batch number, along with the lot and date, which allows the state to track the product’s lifecycle and harvest date.

Because the camera can record an image of a plant’s barcode as it goes by on its way to processing, using a video system with a seed-to-sale tracking interface can substantially lessen the burden of compliance and necessary data tracking on grow operators and dispensaries. A barcode reader is used to scan and track the image.

While this information is also recorded in the seed-to-sale software, video pictures provide a vital individual record of each of these transactions that may be recovered quickly in the event of a compliance audit or investigation.

Storage Locks

Regulations may require the dispensary to have additional locks on storage even if there are remote video surveillance and access control systems.

Security Cameras

Security cameras must be installed and kept in excellent working order. And the camera and recording system must be of sufficient quality, color rendition, and resolution to allow an individual’s identity.

All indoor and external areas where cannabis is weighed, manufactured, packed, stored, and transferred must have security surveillance. Video cameras installed must be maintained and in good working order round the clock.

The security surveillance cameras must be positioned in such a way that all individuals within such zones can be clearly identified. For a period of 30 days, the recordings must be kept at the allowed property.

It’s critical to keep an eye on things remotely. Controlling access to a dispensary, combined with monitoring activities, as a result it will provide you with a tighter grip on security. It will also give you access to a plethora of logs and data, all of which will be supported by visuals.

Appropriate Lighting

To aid in the safety of employees, suppliers, inspecting officials, and security staff, cannabis businesses must maintain adequate external lighting in parking spaces and entry/exit points.

Control Of Access

Controlling access to your dispensary is one of the most crucial aspects of any security plan. Many states will need you to have a system in place to do this.

Controlling access to the dispensary means allowing certain people access to your facility. The systems can track people’s entry and exit by recording their credentials. They must be able to provide security when the dispensary is closed.

These control access plans can also be used to restrict access to specific areas of dispensaries, such as a warehouse where overstock products are stored.

Final Word

Cannabis dispensary owners are a popular target for a variety of crimes. They create a significant amount of money, which is frequently in the form of tangible currency.

For this reason alone, investing in the greatest combination of cannabis security to keep your business safe is a must. Criminals will not be able to target your items, revenue, or employees as a result of this.

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