Top 5 Barcode Scanners For The Cannabis Industry

Compliance is a crucial aspect of managing any cannabis-related business. The cultivation of cannabis plants to the final sale at the dispensary is closely monitored by state regulatory bodies. This track-and-trace technology frequently uses barcodes on products and packages.  

All types of cannabis businesses can benefit hugely from using barcodes to track inventory. Not only do they assist companies in complying with regulations, but they also minimize the need for labor, improve inventory management, and generate sales data that offers insights. To find out more about barcodes and barcode scanners, keep reading.

What Are Cannabis Barcode Scanners?

The purpose of a cannabis barcode scanner is the same as that of any other barcode scanner used in supermarkets: to access, capture, and decode the data that is encoded in a product barcode. The data included in the cultivation tags and barcodes can be accessed by dispensary staff members utilizing the best scanning equipment and a cannabis barcode scanner.

A typical barcode scanner will consist of the following parts: a light source, lens, photoconductor, and decoder. The functioning of barcodes is simple. They often connect to a host device (computer or tablet), delivering the information they have just scanned and captured to the device right away. As a result, you can see the product’s costs as well as a brief description of it on the screen.

Benefits Of Using Barcode Scanners

Better Accuracy

You can easily update your inventory and add items to your customers’ carts by using a cannabis barcode scanner rather than having dispensary staff manually enter data. Barcodes reduce human error and improve accuracy while processing data on dispensary products.

Improved Cannabis Inventory Management

Your cannabis inventory management processes become simpler with real-time product information capture. Within the dispensary, you can conduct a real-time inventory audit. Retailers can generate precise inventory turnover estimates due to improved accuracy and real-time data.

It is quick and simple to process the data captured because all product data is transmitted in real time as they are being scanned. Data on inventory levels or sales are immediately available because the information collection process is automated.

Optimize Your Business

Key business statistics are provided by barcode scanners to help you manage and improve every aspect of your supply chain. Streamline the management of inventory while accurately recording raw materials, recipes, yields, and finished products for sale.

Best Barcode Scanners For Cannabis Businesses

Barcodes Inc.


Topping our list of barcode scanners for the cannabis industry is Barcodes Inc which has developed a wide range of hardware approved to work with the Flowhub platform. The barcode scanner is flexible for multiple workflow needs.

Barcodes in partnership with the industry-leading platform Flowhub, allows you to effortlessly sell, manage, optimize, and grow your business. The barcode scanner company Barcodes also offers phone and email IT service packages at a competitive rate for Flowhub dispensary partners.

SSE Technologies


Since 1981, SSE has been a pioneer in barcoding and RFID. Using technologies from Zebra, Honeywell, and other leading manufacturers, world-class solutions integrated with Metric, BiotrackTHC, and MJ Freeway. SSE provides the solutions you require for automating your dispensary, inventory, and growth needs. You can choose barcode scanners, printers, labels, and RFID tags to eliminate the stress that comes with adhering to cannabis legislation in any state. You can start integrating SSE barcode scanners with your POS infrastructure through a wired or wireless network.



The diverse range of barcode scanners offered by AB&R includes handheld, USB, industrial, Bluetooth, portable, and more. They have 1D and 2D scanners of every type.

Depending on your business needs, there are many services and support packages to choose from, ranging from warranties to setup and device development. Your company will be able to concentrate on more crucial activities by choosing them as your go-to resource.

Whether you are working from a desk or out in the field, AB&R will give you access to real-time inventory records.

Benefits of integrating AB&R barcode scanners:

  • Optimized inventory accuracy
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Cost-effectiveness and time saving
  • Better customer satisfaction



Zebra has been a pioneer in barcode scanning equipment and software for more than five decades. They have progressed into a cutting-edge technology company from modest beginnings. They are forward-thinking innovators who work to make their services and products better for the businesses that use them.

Tracking each stage from seed to sale may involve multiple companies in different towns, states, and even foreign countries. They have ideal barcoding solutions for all businesses that will meet all of their needs, regardless of whether you work in the growing, producing, or selling industries.

Zebra is committed to guaranteeing the best scanning services in problematic as well as ideal circumstances. That means you won’t be slowed down by the dirt on your plant tags.



Canix is a cannabis seed-to-sale tech firm with an ERP for growers, manufacturers, and distributors. The program integrates METRC track and trace, RFID scanners, Bluetooth scales, barcode scanners, Quickbooks, and other systems with a desktop and mobile interface.

The following services are included in the portfolio:

  • Cannabis and non-cannabis inventory tracking,
  • Barcode scanning,
  • Sales orders management,
  • CRM tools,
  • Financial analytics, and other forecasting tools.


Bar codes make information transfer and capturing faster and more accurate, which helps with keeping track of work progress or the precise movement of assets. Tracking the locations of assets, equipment, materials, and anything else that moves within a place or across businesses can take a lot of time.

Bar codes can expedite procedures and enhance tracking of these products, saving your organization time in responding to inquiries and changing circumstances because you can keep track of where things are at all times.

Now that you know all about the best barcode scanners for the cannabis industry, choose the one that is perfect for your business and streamline the sale and inventory management system to lead a successful business.

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