Top 5 Cannabis Delivery Software

Cannabis is legal in 19 states for adult use and in 37 states for medical usage in the United States. Patients with AIDS, cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma are prescribed medical cannabis by medical practitioners. The patients or their caregivers may not be fit to visit dispensaries to procure cannabis products. They may prefer the products being delivered to their doorstep.

There is a rise in demand for a medical marijuana delivery and you can efficiently boost your business through on-demand Cannabis delivery software.

Let us first understand what a cannabis delivery software is, its features, and the top six cannabis delivery software in the market:

What Is Cannabis Delivery Software?

Cannabis delivery software simplifies the process of getting medical or recreational plants to customers. For rapid and safe delivery, the customer places an order using a website, an app, or over the phone. This is a fantastic alternative for those who are unable to visit their local dispensary.

GreenRush and Eaze are two of the most popular cannabis delivery services.

Feature Of A Good Delivery Software

You need to focus on these characteristics to achieve timely last-mile delivery:

  • Real-time tracking of drivers
  • Auto-assigning order deliveries to the drivers
  • Third-party integration or deliveries or payments
  • Efficient fleet dispatch and planning including fleet management
  • Route optimization for quick deliveries
  • Route map of deliveries minute delays
  • Increases operational efficiency

Top Cannabis Delivery Software

Here are the top five cannabis delivery software available in the market:


GreenRush is one of the most reliable cannabis delivery software available today. The user interface design is simple yet modern. This software enables customers to order any type of cannabis, bud, or marijuana and have it delivered to their residence. 

Medical marijuana delivery, on the other hand, is location-based and is perfect for merchants because it allows them to sell their products with ease.


Eaze is a marijuana delivery platform established and managed by marijuana geeks with extensive data, delivery, and cannabis experience. The delivery business can deliver supplies to your door in under an hour, saving you time.

Apart from swift delivery, the brand has the highest quality THC and CBD products for all budgets. They also produce the goods; promote a much more equitable cannabis industry by buying from BIPOC and women-owned businesses.


You can optimize routes and save money with Workwave cannabis delivery software.

With this cannabis delivery software, you can avoid scheduling and dispatching errors. You can quickly deploy drivers, allocate deliveries, and track drivers virtually, among other things.

With customer notifications and proof of delivery, Workwave lets you boost visibility and keep your clients updated about the progress of their cannabis delivery.

Send email or SMS text message notifications to your customers with live tracking links and evidence of delivery to decrease your liability and assure seamless delivery. Drivers can also use their mobile devices to scan barcodes to verify goods.

You can also access driver locations and breadcrumb trails through mobile GPS tracking.

WorkWave offers industry-leading cannabis delivery software solutions with the flexibility and capacity to fulfill any business requirement or goal, no matter where enterprises are in their development cycle, from small one-man operations to massive enterprise-level operations.


Customers can order cannabis products, online and have them delivered to their doorsteps thanks to the unique capabilities of the Trakop cannabis delivery software. Buyers can quickly filter available products by price or category and take advantage of current discounts by using built-in capabilities.

The efficient software allows service providers to add all of the products to the product list. Customers can choose from a variety of cannabis forms and add them to their cart before paying using in-app purchases. The delivery professionals use driver software to bring the desired cannabis to the customer’s doorstep.


Proven is a popular cannabis delivery app in San Francisco. They gladly provide secure and timely shipment to the Metro Area, as well as exclusive deals and top cannabis brands for medical and recreational consumers. They partner with industry experts to ensure that their customers get exposure to some of the most cutting-edge cannabis products available.

To Conclude

There are many cannabis delivery software available in the market. So may need to choose the most appropriate software that meets most of your delivery criteria.

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