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Top 5 Cannabis Real Estate Consultants

Dealing with real estate matters can be tough and confusing due to its complexity, particularly when it comes to cannabis real estate and the compliance issues that come along with it.

It is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional cannabis real estate consultant. There are several advantages to working with a consultant, and it’s important to understand that they have completely different responsibilities from realtors.

Who are Cannabis Real Estate Consultants and their Roles?

A professional who works in the cannabis real estate sector and offers a range of consulting services is known as a cannabis real estate consultant.

The consultant may offer services to a wide range of clients, including property owners, managers, agents, lenders, insurance companies, lawyers, general contractors, and anybody interested in purchasing a cannabis property. Often cannabis real estate consultants serve as their client’s financial or investment advisors and are employed to take care of their specific needs.

Livfree Consulting

The multifaceted and experienced cannabis experts at Livfree Consulting provide expert management and operational oversight for a variety of needs in the cannabis business.

Livfree has expertise in identifying cannabis real estate for several investors in different states and countries. They are highly skilled at acquiring, financing, and designing marijuana manufacturing facilities.

Their team of cannabis experts has over three decades of combined experience and has developed many promising opportunities for cannabis operators and investors across numerous states and countries. The network of cannabis business owners that Livfree has amassed over the years exemplifies the finest that the sector has to offer. These are individuals with aspirations to establish a nascent industry from scratch.

Livfree Consulting can serve as your strategic cannabis advisor for high-quality operations and continual growth.

Zoned Properties

Zoned Properties are working tirelessly towards making cannabis real estate simple and easy. Their team of specialists and in-house real estate technology platforms give their clients the advantage they need to make smart and practical real estate decisions. Zoned Properties’ primary offerings include real estate brokerage and investing, help with obtaining local cannabis permits, and site identification for green zones.

Zoned Properties’ Site Identification division has knowledge and expertise dealing with the complex zoning, permitting, development, and operational challenges associated with the highly regulated cannabis industry. Their experts invest in the specifics of your project to save you time and money with your green zone site identification needs, whether you’re applying for a license or trying to move a business to a new location.

Zoned Properties is an ensemble of professionals in commercial real estate from across the country who focus on the fierce competition in the emerging cannabis industry. They offer a blueprint for success in effectively embracing opportunities, accelerating learning curves, and generating long-term value.

Canna Real Estate Group

Cannabis partnerships go beyond property hunting, and every business wants expert real estate consultants when it comes to finding their brick-and-mortar dispensary property. In order to expand their brick-and-mortar dispensary operations clientele across the country, Canna Real Estate Group has assisted cannabis retailers in buying and leasing the perfect locations. To ascertain whether the company would receive the exposure and consumer base necessary, CREC first conducts a local area traffic study inside green-zone-compliant locations.

The Cannabis real estate professionals assist clients to optimize office layouts and floor space for proper customer traffic flow and the full retail dispensary experience by understanding your business and service models. They evaluate the necessity for vault space, showroom floor layout, lobby, and intake rooms, secure entrances, parking lot space, and more through in-depth conversations about the goals and protocols of their clients.

Green Sage

Green Sage has real estate investments across the country, but they are presently focusing on doing so in states that have legalized marijuana manufacture, sales, and cultivation. They invest in and develop the required real estate infrastructure for market-leading companies, and they are extending their portfolio to support the enormous growth of the legal cannabis industry.

They have a proven track record in investments which illustrates their abilities and experience. The Managing Directors have decades of cumulative expertise in several economic cycles, developed and managed a wide range of businesses in various industries, and secured over $1 billion in real estate investments.

RIPCO Real Estate

They are the leaders in the Cannabis Real Estate Industry!

Finding the ideal location for your dispensary, cultivation site, or production facility is essential and very challenging for cannabis business owners. Cannabis tenants and buyers create a significant opportunity for landlords and sellers, but they also raise many problems. To ensure your mutual success in this fast-growing and evolving business, RIPCO’s Cannabis Division brings parties together, responds to all inquiries, and quickly promotes solutions.

RIPCO, unlike other cannabis businesses, has a solid foundation in the sector. Cannabis and real estate industry leaders Colby Piper and Darrin Chandler Jr. are the co-directors. Both have extensive real estate experience and strong personal ties to cannabis’ historical, sociological, and health-related elements.

Together with their partners at Zoned Properties, they provide services throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida as well as the rest of the country.


Several businesses in the highly regulated cannabis sector experience their projects fall through because they are unable to complete the important initial phase of finding and acquiring commercial real estate. The learning curve to understand the complexities of each regulated industry can cause delays, put investment funds at risk, and even completely obliterate business chances. You can choose the top cannabis real estate consultant from our list curated for your cannabis business.

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