Top 5 Cannabis Security Companies For Marijuana Businesses

Security is of prime importance for businesses that manufacture or handles valuable goods. These problems are amplified dramatically in the highly regulated, and frequently not yet fully legal, cannabis market. For every cannabis business, creating a clear, proactive security plan is a must. In this post, we’ll go over the state regulations that apply to your business as well as our top picks for cannabis security providers.

State Compliance Regulations For Cannabis Security

State cannabis security regulations do exist, and they’re rather comprehensive because cannabis legalization has been enacted mostly at the state level. To make matters more complicated, they differ by state – for example, security regulations in Virginia differ from those in Michigan.

While we won’t go over every state’s compliance standard (Michigan’s Text of Regulations, under the Bureau of Cannabis Control, is around 150 pages long), here are some of the more prevalent ones:

  • Businesses must adopt adequate security measures to dissuade and prohibit illegal access to marijuana-related areas (in other words, building access control).
  • Documentation of security operations is required in order to apply for a marijuana license. System specifications (such as the specifics of the video surveillance systems in use) and operational procedures are frequently included (such as hours of access, security personnel, etc.).
  • In the event of a theft, product loss, or breach, the appropriate regulatory bodies must be contacted. In Michigan, incident reporting must be completed within 24 hours after the occurrence.
  • A variety of records must be maintained and stored in a safe environment. Records related to personnel information, inventory information – often from seed to product – and purchase information must be filled and stored diligently.
  • A video surveillance system is required for licensed establishments. In several states, video quality must be at least 1280×720 pixels, and operable, unobstructed cameras must be present in all places where cannabis is handled. Visual records are frequently required to provide audit trails for all inventories.
  • Video surveillance footage must be properly monitored and stored.
  • Storefront businesses often require security guards at least during business hours, and in certain cases, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The alarm system must be functional.
  • Secure storage mechanisms are required. This frequently necessitates integration with the alarm system, so that unwanted access triggers the alarm.

Again, this is a high-level overview of common legislation, not a detailed examination of each state’s laws.

Top Cannabis Security Companies

Let’s take a look at top security companies for Cannabis businesses:

Umbrella Technologies

Umbrella Technologies has served several industries like transportation, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and logistics for over a decade. They have now forayed into the cannabis market with accuracy and diligence. 

Umbrella Technologies delivers cannabis security systems that are both cost-effective and scalable. Their team of professionals stays faithful to the process and works to develop their cutting-edge solutions, which include HD cameras, video management software, and business intelligence analytics.

The Umbrella Technology team makes it a priority to meet with cannabis vendors, growers, and producers to discover how to deliver expert security solutions while adhering to all applicable regulatory requirements and safeguarding your cannabis plants from harsh lighting and other dangerous factors. They are conscientious when it comes to the unique security requirements of cannabis businesses.

Sapphire Risk

Sapphire Risk is a premier cannabis security firm. They hand-hold you from writing and submitting the cannabis business application till you hit the operations stage.  

Sapphire offers in-depth advice to cannabis cultivators and dispensaries on safe floorplan design and facility build-out, policy and SOP creation, talent assessment and security training, equipment consulting, theft investigation, and more.

Sapphire also provides crucial on-site risk assessments, which are conducted by certified security professionals that examine potential weak areas and provide recommendations for how to address them. Sapphire is based in Texas and provides services to businesses all around the United States.


Cure8 is leading cannabis IT services provider that offers professional-grade technology to cannabis businesses helping them launch, thrive, and succeed.

Cure8 is well-positioned to be your organization’s trusted advisor in cannabis security, with emerging technology partners and a dedicated staff of IT security specialists.

Cure8 can help you protect your cannabis infrastructure, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise, with the necessary tools and technology. They assist you in transforming your cloud infrastructure. Cure8 is an IT service provider for the cannabis industry that assists businesses in planning, procuring, installing, securing, managing, and scaling seamlessly.

Cure8 believes in providing quality security services to cannabis businesses. They are a service-based company specialized in top-notch data security solutions. Cure8 knows data and facility security is crucial for any cannabis business, thus to protect IT systems and networks from outsiders they work with the latest technologies and tools to deliver best-of-the-lot data security services globally.


Solink is a solution that combines your surveillance system and cannabis software (including POS systems and ERPs) into an all-in-one anti-theft and business intelligence platform.

It lets you view surveillance systems from multiple locations in a single dashboard; search through footage by employee, time, type of transaction, camera, and area within the camera’s view; review heatmaps that show you how people travel through your store; receive alerts when movement is detected in sensitive areas at unusual times; and more.

It helps you detect internal theft, making it easier to view footage by employee and time, and flags suspicious activity like frequent returns and discounts for your review. And it helps you respond quickly to break-ins and other unauthorized access.

Safe And Sound Security

Secure your cannabis facility, goods, and staff with Safe and Sound Security’s meticulously crafted cannabis security plans. They provide comprehensive cannabis security solutions to businesses of all sizes in states that have legalized marijuana. Safe and Sound Security knows how to protect your cannabis business and assure compliance from seed to sale, whether you own a cannabis manufacturing unit, cultivation facility, or dispensary.

They create systems that are compliant with your local government to ensure that they meet all legal requirements over the course of their lifetime, so you can focus on growing your business rather than navigating through rules and regulations. Safe and Sound Security have the knowledge to protect your operations, whether you own a cannabis growing facility, cannabis manufacturing, a cannabis dispensary, cannabis distribution, or a vertically integrated company.

Robbery, internal theft, product diversion, fraud, off-site operations, life safety, and nuisance abatement are all problems addressed in a well-designed cannabis security plan. They establish comprehensive solutions based on crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), operational security, technology, training, compliance, auditing and testing, and supporting policies and procedures to solve these challenges.

The Edward Davis Company

The Edward Davis Company can chart out a comprehensive security plan that complies with all regulatory requirements and best practices. They produce SOPs, Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning, and a Special Event Security Plan for their cannabis business clients. They collaborate with qualified security system designers to create the security architecture for your cannabis business, which includes: access control, visitor management, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and alarm systems.

The Edward Davis Company, not only offers security solutions to cannabis businesses but also conducts a thorough examination of the proposed or existing medical cannabis business. The examination is conducted to detect vulnerabilities and threats, examine the environment, operating rules and procedures, security technologies, and emergency readiness and response plans.

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