Top 5 POS Systems for Cannabis Dispensaries

As more states legalize marijuana for adult use, both for medical and recreational purposes, there will be greater opportunities for investors and business owners in the cannabis sector. Cannabis retail stores and dispensaries require a reliable POS system that will enable easy management and monitoring of all retail operations.

Cure8 can help Cannabis dispensaries choose the right POS software to manage their operations efficiently. It will not only help them grow their business but also remain compliant at the same time.

What is a Cannabis POS System?

Point-of-Sale or POS systems are made up of 2 components – software and hardware that can help run your everyday retail operations. This essential system will help you track sales and keep up-to-the-minute inventory

A POS system can also analyze consumer trends and maintain neatly structured tax information. This data can help you establish or improve loyalty programs, in addition to offering the products your customers want.

Can cannabis businesses use POS systems designed for general retail stores? Theoretically, you could. But compared to a clothing store or a corner store, a dispensary is held to a considerably higher standard. You will need to implement time-consuming workarounds and manual data tracking in order to maintain compliance with a traditional POS system.

A POS system created specifically for the cannabis business has compliance embedded into the system’s framework.

Top Five POS Terminal

BioTrack THC


BioTrack THC has more than a decade of expertise and has worked with hundreds of dispensary owners and dispensaries to understand the cannabis industry. They also try to figure out what an authorized operator’s essential requirements are. Thereby  creating a compliant dispensary system with a wide range of features. Features that can make operating every aspect of your business easier.

You may quickly customize your inventory, system workflows, permissions, and other features once you start using this POS system. It may be able to accommodate your cannabis business’s fluctuating needs. You can leverage user-friendly CRM capabilities with BioTrack.

They also offer services to several government bodies, which makes BioTrack unique. As an owner of a dispensary, this benefits you. Your system will make sure that all of your clients and staff abide by all relevant regulations.

They determine pricing depending on the state your business will be located in rather than your volume of sales and customers. This is due to the state’s extensive rules.


The SellTreez POS system from is well-liked for its simplicity of use and competent support. This POS solution will enable you to entirely revamp your retail operations:

  • Improve transactions
  • Track inventory
  • Streamline workflows
  • Implement omnichannel sales

With SellTreez, dispensary owners can manage their inventory and keep track of their sales, while their customer management system establishes a check-in process to cut down on wait times.

In order to cover all bases, its omnichannel sales provide unique shopping experiences with an interactive menu.



FlowHub is a dispensary POS system with an elegant design and top-notch customer support. It was founded in 2015 in Colorado to serve the state’s growing adult-use industry.

According to sources, Flowhub is the first ever POS to successfully integrate its platform with Metrc – the seed-to-sale tracker.

The dispensary analytics technology provided by Flowhub’s cannabis-specific POS software can effectively manage inventory. More than 1,000 dispensaries in more than ten states now have easy access to compliance and sales. 



IndicaOnline may be what you need if you’re looking for a POS system for a dispensary that offers basic and premium plans with different features and pricing. Additionally, IndicaOnline offers hardware and strong delivery features.

WeedMaps integration, SMS marketing, and digital TV menus are all features of IndicaOnline. The unique delivery-tracking service offered by IndicaOnline interests dispensaries that supply cannabis.

IndicaOnline also has a contemporary, simple user interface that does away with needless complexity and non-practicality. The software’s inventory management mechanism is complex. However, its superior attributes, such as its product catalog, processing hardware, and top-notch delivery management system, accomplish the task.



The fact that Meadow has a simple user interface and can sync with the track-and-trace system METRC, is one of the features that sets it apart from other solutions.!

They have their inventory specifically configured to enable accurate cycle counting so a store can see the number of products in stock, what’s moving, and when to place another order.

It is simple to take orders on the go and have your inventory updated in real-time thanks to the platform’s support for UPC barcodes and compatibility with the iPad.

The online ordering feature is one of the aspects most cannabis dispensaries like the most. Meadow enables you to set up the delivery and in-store pick-up options for anyone who wants to place an online order for cannabis dispensaries wanting to expand their customer base. This is a great approach to reaching new customers who might not be able to walk into your dispensary.

Bottom Line

Opt for a POS system for your cannabis dispensary that will offer a comprehensive payment solution for your company. You won’t need to pay for many solutions to operate your cannabis dispensary effectively if you choose an innovative system with a plethora of payment methods and features. 

Your daily operations should not be complicated by the system you chose, but rather made simpler. You should be able to focus on the main reason you ventured into the cannabis industry in the first place rather than struggling with the POS system. Choose a solution that was developed employing the most recent programming language and is optimized for the modern world. it should be both user-friendly as well as easy to update. It shouldn’t also push you to use a specific type of hardware. 

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