Top 5 Security Cameras For Cannabis Businesses

Due to the increased sales of legal cannabis, dispensaries are a perfect target for theft because of their huge profits. Your dispensaries and growing facilities must be protected, so you must find reliable security camera vendors. By doing so, you’ll be able to protect your revenue and make sure that applicable laws are adhered to.

There are various ways to safeguard cannabis retailers, from surveillance to armed guards and trucks. Any dispensary must choose a cannabis security camera system from a reputed vendor that can meet all of its requirements.

We have compiled a list of the top providers of cannabis security camera systems to help cannabis businesses in their search for trustworthy security camera vendors. You can use the information in this post to help you decide what to do next.

Website: not only safeguards your assets, employees, customers, and plants but also makes sure your security camera system passes inspection. Their security professionals help design your security system. With years of experience working with the state, growers, processors, and retailers, offer high-quality cannabis security systems. Their cannabis compliance department is competent and equipped to assist marijuana business owners with their security efforts.

In order to make the process of starting your business easier for you, has backed marijuana business owners since the beginning. They continue to offer businesses in the cannabis sector dependable, affordable, and compliant security solutions. The standards for security and surveillance systems vary by state. They are here to help you navigate these requirements and procedures.

Cannaspire (CannaBeSecure)


CannaBeSecure specializes in end-to-end cannabis security solutions with a single focus on the cannabis business. A complete security system, including access control, cameras, surveillance, on-site and cloud storage, armed guards, and secure transportation is included in the product package. They customize each system through a series of advisory services like risk and compliance evaluations, and employee training programs among others.

CannaBeSecure works with you to create your security strategy from start to finish.

Bay Alarm


Whether you’re working on location or remotely, Bay Alarm security cameras offer robust protection that lets you keep an eye on your business. You will receive training from their qualified experts on how to access archived video content and live video streams. You can rely on them at any time for equipment and technical support as their support staff is also standing by.

Your business can access live video footage and save video data anywhere with the assistance of the security camera systems from Bay Alarm.

The safety of your facility is a priority when designing Bay Alarm’s security devices. With your approval, Bay Alarm’s qualified security specialists will design and install a system that allows you to experience the benefits of a complete cannabis business security camera system.

March Networks


With March Networks’ integrated video solutions, you can boost security, ensure adherence to legal requirements, and get a comprehensive of your cannabis business. Their cutting-edge video and data analytics platform assists licensed cannabis growers, producers, and retailers in tracking the whereabouts and movement of plants while offering clear video footage of cannabis operations and the ability to rapidly search for missing inventory.

The cameras from March Network provide a clear 6MP resolution and the most precise AI-powered next-generation security analytics available for incident detection. The cameras’ integrated analytics, which is available in dome or bullet variants, can aid in identifying odd or suspicious behavior including zone or perimeter breaches and loitering. By focusing on just people and vehicles, the cameras’ AI models prevent false alarms.

By deploying March Network cameras your business can:

  • Track and manage inventory
  • Get real-time notifications with video snapshots
  • Protect the product in transit
  • Remote viewing on your smartphone
  • Gain insights into your entire video surveillance network
  • Be at peace that your business is safe

Umbrella Technologies


Everyone should receive HD-quality or higher video surveillance evidence, according to the experts at Umbrella Technologies. They can create a security camera system that scales with your business.

Umbrella technologies high-end surveillance systems for your business provide HD video recording, image capture, and monitoring. Since network video recorders can record up to 1080p, and occasionally 4k ultra HD, which delivers exceptional video quality, they have replaced digital video recorders. Increased storage capacity allows for expanded monitoring capabilities.

The security cameras have higher frame rates to establish smooth video and have other multiple video analytics features like automatic recording, mobile notifications, motion sensors, and even one-touch, direct communication with local law enforcement just in case the system happens to detect and record a break-in.


A video surveillance system gives you protection for your cannabis facility and can serve as evidence if an incident occurs. If a security incident takes place on your property, you can be confident that it will be recorded on camera thanks to a system that is designed to adhere to cannabis regulations. Additionally, having Cannabis security cameras that are easily visible at the location deters theft and break-ins.

So, it is important that your cannabis business has security cameras for safety. You can choose the best security camera system for your cannabis business from the list Cure8 has compiled for you.

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