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Top Cannabis Consulting Firms In Maryland

Are you keen on finding out how cannabis consulting firms could impact your journey in the booming cannabis industry? This article will serve as a guide for individuals wanting to hire a cannabis consulting company for their business.

We aim to offer you an inside look into the world of cannabis consulting firms, highlighting their significance and the immense value they can add to your ventures. Explore our curated list of the top cannabis consulting firms.

New Leaf Cannabis Consulting

Look no further than New Leaf Cannabis Consulting, the premier one-stop shop in the U.S. for top-rated services in cannabis application writing, consulting, and capital fundraising. They provide a comprehensive range of offerings, from crafting business models to securing state licensure and finding investors.

Having served over 180 clients across 16 states since its establishment in 2015, New Leaf boasts a remarkable success rate of well over 95%. Their suite of services surpasses that of any competition.

For those in need of funding for their cannabis start-up and efficient approval processes for state and municipal licenses at a reasonable price, New Leaf Cannabis Consulting is the perfect choice.


Point Seven Group (Point7) stands as a seasoned global cannabis consulting firm. Renowned for its world-class team of industry experts with firsthand experience in the regulated cannabis sector, Point7 is recognized for its agility, speed, and outstanding service. Collaborating closely with clients, they help establish compliant and forward-thinking cannabis enterprises, merging their cannabis proficiency with the local insights of their partners. Through thorough examination, optimization, and refinement of people, systems, and processes, they drive transformative changes within companies.

Cannabis Consulting Group

Based in Maryland, Cannabis Consulting Group provides a variety of services tailored to businesses within the cannabis industry. Their expertise spans licensing and permitting, facility design and construction, cultivation and manufacturing, as well as compliance and regulatory affairs.

Canna Advisors

Canna Advisors, a prominent cannabis consulting firm with a national reach, has established a solid foothold in Maryland. Their comprehensive services encompass licensing and application support, business planning and strategy, operations and cultivation consulting, as well as regulatory compliance.

Higher Yields Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, headquartered in Denver and operating globally, is an established cannabusiness consulting firm. Since 2008, its founding members have offered successful professional consulting services to the commercial cannabis and hemp industries.

With expertise in licensing, real estate, cultivation management, financial planning, facility design-build services, human resources, branding, marketing, compliance, banking access, and more, Higher Yields brings decades of combined experience to its clients across the thriving cannabis sector. The company has helped build cannabis facilities totaling more than four million square feet, and it has a team of experts that helps provide clients with complete growth solutions.

3 C’s – Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting

They are a leading cannabis consulting company dedicated to offering customized business solutions tailored to meet the specific goals of cannabis businesses. 3C’s cannabis consultation services prioritize profitability, social equity, and environmental sustainability to facilitate the growth of your cannabis company.

Here are the key aspects of their services:

  • Providing unparalleled industry expertise and best practices refined through tens of thousands of hours working and collaborating within the global cannabis industry.
  • Developing cannabis businesses that establish benchmarks for quality, compliance, and both consumer and workplace safety.
  • Setting industry standards to continually improve business practices.
  • Advocating for a safe and responsible industry, working towards progress one market and one business at a time.
  • Clearly explain the current laws and regulatory compliance requirements applicable to your business, including potential future shifts.
  • Implementing solutions that generate environmental and social benefits while ensuring profitability.

Argonaut Advisors

Argonaut Advisors has over 30 years of experience and specializes in creating value for cannabis industry operators and investors. Their cannabis consultants serve as the strategic bridge between capital and operators, offering services such as mergers and acquisitions, capital advisory, licensing, operations management, asset turnarounds, and investments in cannabis real estate.

Functioning as a boutique capital advisor and consultant for cannabis investments, they consistently generate opportunities for both investors and operators alike. Armed with hands-on operational experience and specialized financial acumen tailored to cannabis investments, their clients benefit from unique insights that drive value creation for all parties involved in the transaction.

Green Rush Consulting

Green Rush Consulting is a leading cannabis consulting firm with extensive experience in the Maryland market. They provide services such as licensing and compliance, business planning and strategy, cultivation and extraction, and retail and dispensary operations.

MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway is a technology and consulting company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for cannabis businesses. They offer services such as seed-to-sale tracking, compliance reporting, inventory management, and business intelligence.

Quantum 9

Quantum 9 is a cannabis consulting firm that provides services to businesses in Maryland and other states. They offer expertise in licensing and compliance, facility design and construction, cultivation and extraction, and product development and branding.

Final Word

In conclusion, choosing the right cannabis consultant can be the key to unlocking success in this dynamic industry. By carefully considering factors such as experience, expertise, communication skills, reputation, and adaptability, you can find the ideal partner to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that the cannabis market offers. Your business may prosper and expand in this rapidly evolving landscape with the help of a reputable cannabis consulting agency. Stay informed, stay agile, and let your cannabis venture reach new heights of success. For more insights and guidance, keep exploring our cannabis blogs.

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