Top Cannabis Cultivation Software 2024

Cannabis cultivation software helps licensed operators in any legal market to remain compliant. It also helps in identifying and managing critical data points across the supply chain to streamline and optimize inventory management. The software enables improved operations at each phase of the process – growing, processing, destruction, waste, transportation, distribution, lab testing as well as dispensing. The cannabis cultivation management software can help reduce costs, improve productivity and ensure high-quality products for the industry.

Let us first know the features of good software and then we will walk through the top cannabis cultivation software available in the market:

Features of Good Cannabis Cultivation Software

  • Automated reports
  • Batch, strain, team member, and supply management
  • Employee task and activity tracking in real-time
  • Get a 360-degree view of your crop schedule
  • Instantly track crop issues (bugs, CO2, etc.)
  • Set crop schedules in advance
  • Identifying best growing process that produce best yield
  • R&D tracking at the individual Strain Run Level
  • Employee profitability
  • Unique tags for plants
  • Industry-leading security standards

Top Five Cannabis Cultivation Software

Following are the top five cannabis cultivation software in the market you can choose from:


The cultivation management software by FolioGrow streamlines and enhances day-to-day operations for the end-user. The software takes care of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to increase profits with less effort and worry.

FolioGrow is a cloud-based platform. This means that you use the service without having to make upfront software or hardware purchases. It also allows the system to interface with other systems that you might already be using while keeping transitions simple.

Because it is an open platform product, it can link to any hardware or software solution that supports APIs. This makes it extensible to other systems you might add later, giving you more options.

FolioGrow is the first software platform designed to help cannabis growers maximize yields while keeping costs under control, rather than simply tracking plants through the growing process.


ProcessPro is a fully integrated cultivation management system with track-and-trace record-keeping for cannabis and cannabis-related product manufacturers from seed to sale.

Growers can track plants throughout the propagation, cultivation, and harvesting processes using the mobile solution, which helps them boost plant yields, improve cultivation methodology, and increase greenhouse productivity. ProcessPro’s CMS and ERP solutions combine the capability to manage your core business processes and greenhouse while being compliant in a single system.


Trym is cannabis grow management software designed specifically for commercial growers. Through precise environmental monitoring, personalized job management, and plant analytics, it aids in increasing efficiency and consistency. When you have all of the data at your fingertips, you can make better business decisions.

Trym cannabis growing software is currently integrated with Metrc in California and Oklahoma and can be implemented alongside compliance software in other states in the United States. 

Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences is a cloud-based software for cannabis businesses of all sizes, including growers, processors, distributors, and retailers of cannabis. Everything from growing and customer relationships to operations and finances is managed by this software.

Features of Viridian Science Growing Software:

Cultivation Management: This feature helps expedite production, and track cannabis inventories, soil conditions, irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, foliar sprays, labor hours, equipment, and other factors. It also keeps track of expenses.

Seed-to-Sale Tracking: With this extension, you may track seeding, specific plants and crops, harvesting, curing, processing, lab testing, distribution, and retail sales.

Expenses and Valuation: This function encrypts the true expenses and values of specific plants.

Processing and Extraction: With this feature, you may keep track of every data point that occurs during the processing and extraction of raw hemp for fiber or seeds, essential oils, concentrates, and more.

Crop Cycle Management: This functionality allows you to store data about multiple cannabis harvests in order to determine the correct differences and increase yields.

Compliance Reporting: This function collaborates with a team of Viridian Sciences researchers that engage with government legislators to ensure compliance.

Broadleaf Cannabis

Broadleaf Software is the industry’s top cannabis cultivation management platform. Broadleaf’s robust platform allows cannabis businesses to focus on the art and science of cultivation. This cannabis cultivation software assists cultivators in increasing team efficiency, delivering consistent, high-quality products, and expanding their operations.

Broadleaf has an instant impact on every department of the company since every team receives better data faster, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

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