Top Cannabis Display Menu Software

In the last few years, the movement to decriminalize or outright legalize cannabis for recreational use has gained traction. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the option to open their own businesses in areas where it is permitted. Dispensaries, which range from generic cannabis shops to institutions that specialize in specific products, are becoming more commonplace in places where cannabis is legal.
Dispensary owners can implement a display menu to increase productivity and provide added value to customers in this competitive industry. Let us take a look at the top cannabis display menu software in the industry that you can implement for your business:


BudSense is a cannabis-specific digital signage company founded by experts who have worked in the industry. They create personalized digital signage solutions, a paper menu builder, and feature menus for your dispensary using your live inventory. It’s a great way to show your brand image, educate your customers, and promote your products.


Budvue provides cannabis-specific digital signage solution for in-store advertising. They offer dispensaries and retail stores the ability to connect and educate their customers by displaying dynamic content on screens. BudVue provides a variety of creative and innovative solutions for their clients, ranging from live menu boards integrated with your POS to social media updates. They have a team of experts to provide the most personalized and unique content to their clients.

Seed Technology

Seed‘s menu options are the easiest way to display your dispensary’s product menu in a breeze. You may personalize their easy-to-read TV menus by selecting the products and promotions you wish to see on each screen. In addition, there are no advertisements.

Divvy Digital

For over a decade and a half, they have strived to enhance the customer experience in retail. By providing premium digital menu software for cannabis dispensaries, they hope to make the work of retail owners and employees easier. The menus were created specifically to work with your P.O.S. Over 1000 retail establishments across the country use Divvy Digital‘s digital advertising solution. Their solutions also assist brands with their large selection of marketing materials, allowing them to provide a consistent consumer experience and increase sales.


Screenly allows you to display the content you love. Images, videos, live websites, and more are displayed in stunning 1080p Full HD resolution. You can rely on Screenly to get the word out about a new promotional offer, show off your products, or keep employees up to date with relevant updates, whether you want to get the news out about a new promotional offer, show off your products, or keep employees in the loop with relevant updates.


  • Display images, videos, and web pages in stunning 1080p Full HD resolution with ease.
  • Screenly optimizes your content for each of your displays automatically.
  • Weather forecasts, calendars, corporate dashboards, menus, and more can all be displayed.
  • The Raspberry Pi-based Screenly Player is small enough to fit in your palm.
  • Software upgrades are performed on a regular basis, and there are no moving parts.
  • During internet outages, locally stored content is played.


StickyGuide’s In-Store Menu System allows you to display your cannabis dispensary’s menu and signage on as many monitors, televisions, and iPads as you want in your store.

StickyGuide‘s In-Store Menu system provides you the ability to construct menus that are perfect for your customers, whether your dispensary has one screen or fifty.

Select the product types that will appear on each screen. You have complete control over how the products are put in groups and ordered. Choose which pricing to display and whether or not test data should be displayed. Also, add symbols to indicate strain kind, and sun-grown, among other things.

Flook Digital Media

For your cannabis dispensary, Flook offers custom-designed and developed digital menu solutions. Nothing is pre-made or based on a template. They believe that digital menus should be simple to operate and that anyone with a basic understanding of technology should be able to update content. This is fairly simple with a web-based solution or an iOS app, and content can be updated on the fly. For any modern dispensary, dedicating one, two, or even three monitors to display product lists, strains, concentrates, edible goods, and daily specials are important. Multiple screens can also be linked to create a giant video wall, which is a terrific way to educate or entertain people while they wait.

Benefits of Digital Flook Menu for Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Excellent hardware dependability helps you save money; some Flook boards have been running continuously for over 60,000 hours.
  • Custom design and development ensure that your menu board looks and functions exactly how you want it to.
  • Works with any HDTV or projector that has an HDMI input.
  • Display third-party feeds on your boards (social media, news, weather).
  • Set up several locations with a single point of access management.


Once customers are in your waiting area, interactive menu boards in the dispensary are essential for sales. Because the majority of your customers now have smartphones, they can search up the strains while they wait in your waiting room. Make the most of your billboard by changing it up, adding videos, and showcasing your items.

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