Top Cannabis eCommerce Platforms

With the progressive legalization of marijuana in the United States, eCommerce platforms are expected to grow, providing potential for cannabis businesses. Although cannabis and eCommerce didn’t work well together at first, however, the current demand for legal cannabis products has changed the game for businesses. Despite the pandemic, the industry is expected to add three million jobs in the next few years.

There are plenty of prospects for cannabis resellers to expand their products to new consumers, as the market is expected to reach $166 billion by 2025. Today, retailers are beginning to reap the benefits of eCommerce, just like any other business. They are exploring new avenues for expanding their brands and increasing revenue. Now that we understand that eCommerce platforms have a lot of potential in the cannabis industry. Let us go through the top cannabis eCommerce platforms available in the market:


Dutchie is an online marketplace that connects customers with their preferred local dispensaries and lets them place orders for pick-up or delivery. This platform powers approximately 25% of dispensaries and handles 10% of all legal cannabis sales worldwide – that’s about 75,000 orders per day.

Many retailers swiftly resorted to technologies like Dutchie to implement an online ordering and delivery infrastructure. It was done to meet the unprecedented surge of e-commerce cannabis sales last year. The company presently works with more than two thousand dispensaries in 36 markets across the United States and Canada. 


The brand is an operator of a cannabis-specific e-commerce marketplace platform. Users may explore, compare, and order local products such as Sativa, Indica, Cannabidiol, and flavor-infused strains, as well as vapes and edible cannabis, in real-time using the company’s platform, ensuring a safe and hassle-free cannabis shopping experience.

Jane platform is used by over 2,500 dispensaries and companies to create online menus, evaluate important data, and manage their operations. 

Their extensive integrations enable businesses to take advantage of verified product reviews, product-first shopping, and brand-sponsored advertising in a native digital setting. Jane Roots, a “headless” eCommerce solution built on their best-in-class APIs, allows retail partners to create entirely personalized menu experiences. Jane also offers customers a secure, safe, and straightforward shopping experience.


Weedmaps makes it easier for customers to locate and connect with retailers and brands. It employs 201-500 employees and is headquartered in the United States of America. Weedmaps’ anticipated web sales range from $100 million to $250 million. The official website has monthly unique visitor traffic of more than 5 million visitors.

The brand combines information and design to produce a comprehensive guide for cannabis consumers, from stores to deliveries to deals. Its map is its most prominent feature. The map shows nearby doctors, dispensaries, and cannabis retailers according to your present location. You can sort these results by license type, curb-side collection availability, and other factors. 

Products and Services By Weedmap

  • Online dispensary directory and cannabis marketplace for both web and mobile
  • A cannabis online wholesale marketplace – WM Exchange
  • WM Retail (POS system)
  • E-Commerce – iFrame-based online menu for dispensaries


Olla is the industry’s first and foremost white-labeled eCommerce platform for cannabis retailers, with a configurable mobile-first experience and sophisticated marketing capabilities that drive sales, engagement, and customer loyalty. They supports stores across the country by providing online pre-ordering, curb-side pickup, home delivery, and interactive in-store ordering. You can stand out from the crowd and control your consumer experience with cannabis’ most customizable eCommerce platform.

Olla’s entire array of tools for building, deploying, and scaling your business is powerful, adaptable, and simple to use.


When people buy cannabis legally online, they must have a different experience than when they go to sketchy websites to get around the law. The cannabis store’s website should be well-organized, with sections, tools, and other vital information readily accessible.

It’s inconvenient to shop at a store which makes it difficult to look around or place orders. So, customers looking for a website that makes an excellent first impression. Examine whether the checkout process is clear and straightforward and whether the cannabis purchase comes with a range of payment choices.

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