Top Five B2B Cannabis Marketplaces

B2B cannabis marketplaces are kind of like the Amazon of B2B cannabis purchasing and distribution.

These web-based platforms are primarily for cannabis distributors to offer their products to cannabis dispensaries. They allow cannabis distributors to list their available products and inventory and reach out to dispensaries to stock and sell their items. And they allow dispensaries to find and order cannabis products online and track all their orders.

This is all a lot of more efficient than distributors and dispensaries having to directly negotiate and track deals and orders with each other on a 1-to-1 basis.

Top Five B2B Cannabis Marketplaces

These are the top five B2B cannabis marketplaces out there. Key things for dispensaries to look for in a B2B cannabis marketplace:

  • Is it available in your state? You can’t purchase products outside your state obviously. And if your state requires vertical integration (you grow, process, and package all your own products), then you can’t use such a platform at all.
  • Does it integrate with your Point of Sale (POS) or seed-to-sale/ERP software?
  • Are the distributors and brands on the platform the ones you want?
  • Subscription costs and fees. Is the B2B cannabis marketplace charging too much?


Zach Silverman and Ryan G. Smith founded LeafLink in 2015. The business has offices in Los Angeles, Colorado, and Toronto in addition to its headquarters in New York, NY.

30 markets in the United States and Canada are served by this B2B marketplace platform. Thrive Capital, Lerer Hippeau, Nosara Capital, and Founders Fund, among other well-known venture capital firms, are some of its investors. As per LeafLink, they have raised more than $131 million.

LeafLink is a set of a wholesale marketplace management platform for cannabis retailers and distributors. This platform allows users to place and receive orders using eCommerce tools, browse all of the brands on one platform, track order statuses centrally, and manage relationships, inventory, and sales more effectively.

By connecting retailers and suppliers and enabling supply chain liquidity through its online marketplace, LeafLink serves as a crucial service for the cannabis business.


Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade is the top B2B platform for licensed cannabis product wholesalers and dispensaries in the highly regulated cannabis industry. By offering a CRM, crucial integrations, and other business tools that save time and support the expansion of cannabis businesses, Leaf Trade simplifies order management and fulfillment.

The founder James Yi recognized that there were technical inefficiencies between cannabis wholesalers and dispensaries that led him to establish Leaf Trade. He has extensive combined experience in building software companies and consulting in the cannabis industry.

Leaf Trade’s founding began due to necessity. The company is developing enterprise solutions, which range from a B2B eCommerce marketplace to payment processing, data management, and other back office supply chain management tools, to solve the tech gaps that are present in this market. Leaf Trade’s current estimated annual revenue is about $9.8M per year.



With over 10,000 products for cannabis businesses to choose from, including packaging, retail accessories, grow supplies, traceability equipment, and much more, MainStem is the leading B2B marketplace in the regulated cannabis industry. It is a technology-based ancillary product distribution company.

To increase customer reach and streamline the procurement process, the business connects its platform to well-known industry software. MainStem’s  guiding principle is to use technology and effective business practices to simplify and improve the supply procurement process. The industry’s traditional supply chain management practices are being revolutionized by MainStem, and in the future, many more sectors will use their platform.

With nearly ten years of experience in the cannabis sector, MainStem is committed to assisting cannabis businesses in growing through the use of advanced technology and close collaboration with cannabis growers, producers, and dispensaries.



Nabis is an online B2B comprehensive marketplace of cannabis products. It provides retailers and dispensary chains with cannabis goods from a variety of brands, such as Canndescent, THC Design, Cresco, Beezle, Nasha, and Honey Vape. The platform also provides traceability solutions for better supply chain management by monitoring orders, deliveries, and inventory supplies.

Since its founding in 2017, Nabis has evolved to over a hundred market-leading brands and now delivers cannabis goods worth a quarter of a billion dollars annually from brands to retail outlets. By eliminating the need for operators to handle logistical fulfillment, compliance, sales analytics, and payment processing, Nabis lowers the industry’s high barrier to entry.



The Herbl cannabis marketplace connects cannabis brands and retailers to buyers through innovative software tools and an efficient logistics ecosystem. They are an on-demand delivery specialist tech firm. Herbl provides customer service in more than 20 legal cannabis marketplaces in the US and numerous provinces in Canada.

They function as community connectors, business builders, the value makers. Herbl believes in scaling the B2B cannabis marketplace for brands and their retail partners. They provide the platform, insights, and expertise brands need to grow and thrive. Thus making them the top cannabis supply chain company in the largest cannabis market in the U.S.

Herbl provides exceptional cannabis distribution and value-added services by evaluating your company and the industry holistically, strategically, and over the long term.

The Herbl software is highly-scalable and it stacks powers some of the largest supply chain and retail customers in the world.

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