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Top Seed-To-Sale Distribution Software for 2024

Cannabis entrepreneurs face several unique challenges, including stringent regulatory restrictions and countless technicalities to master in order to produce a consistent, high-quality product.

Record-keeping, data analysis, workflow planning, and compliance are all made easier with the seed-to-sale software created specifically for the demands of this still-new business – all while keeping a sharp eye on every seed and ounce of cannabis.

This blog includes a list of the best, most-trusted seed-to-sale software platforms, as well as everything you need to know about the features of good cannabis software.

But first, let’s start by understanding:

What Does Seed-To-Sale Mean?

Seed-to-sale is a term distinctive to the cannabis industry. It refers to the tracking and reporting of activities that cannabis license holders must follow in order to stay compliant and stay licensed. These measures, among other things, help to prevent cannabis from flowing between the illegal and legal markets.

What Is Seed-To-Sale Tracking?

A seed-to-sale tracking system records everything that happens to a single cannabis plant, from seed through harvest to manufacturing of marijuana products, including transportation, if any, to the ultimate sale of finished products.

Who Uses Seed-To-Sale Software?

Virtually all plant-touching firms, including cannabis businesses, require software tailored to their business and compliance demands:

  • Growers
  • Manufacturers and Processors
  • Retail Dispensaries
  • Labs and Testing Facilities
  • Delivery and Logistics Teams

Seed-to-sale distribution software is apt for businesses that distribute, maintain warehouses & inventory, and transport cannabis. Let us walk through all the aspects of seed to sale distribution software now:

Importance of Seed to Sale Software for Distributors

Cannabis delivery businesses that handle the warehouse and transportation of marijuana rely on software to:

  • Forecast demand
  • Fulfill orders
  • Create manifests.
  • Plan the most efficient delivery routes.
  • Ensure that all delivery routes and locations comply with local legislation, preventing cannabis items from being distributed in restricted areas.
  • Provide real-time GPS location updates for drivers and anticipated delivery timeframes.

Feature To Lookout For, In a Good Seed-to-Sale Distribution Software

Look for these features in seed to sale distribution software before you implement one for your cannabis business:

Inventory Forecasting

Empower sales teams to use consistent data to pre-sell inventory and forecast resource needs for the organization.

Inventory Tracking (cannabis & non-cannabis)

For inventory tracking, ease of use is crucial when categorizing inventory locations and changing those locations. Choose software with a robust inventory tracking system to ensure that no inventory is missing from your list.

Product Details

You can add multiple product details to your inventory items, including components, potency results, and a reactive expiration date that can lock a product if it has passed its expiration date, and much more.


Good seed-to-sale distribution software will have robust reporting capabilities that allow for real-time visibility into account, order, inventory, and sales status. Custom reports, such as recall reports, can be generated, saved, printed, and emailed by users.

Barcode Scanning & RFID Scanning

State-mandated tags are a must, and they contain both barcodes and RFID chips. But, to visually or electronically scan those tags a 3rd party seed to sale system is needed. Here is where a seed-to-sale distribution software is utilized. A good seed-to-sale system will be enabled with a robust barcode and RFID scanning system.

Transportation Logs

A good distribution software will be able to make cannabis distribution trip plans and keep track of them. It will also be enabled to make your business traceable from beginning to end, along with keeping digital references and records.

Lot Tracking/Batch Tracking

In seed-to-sale distribution software, complete lot tracking and recall management tools, as well as reporting, is required. Users can instantly generate a recall report by product and lot number that includes information on each impacted lot/batch, customer sales order quantity, customer contact information, and other key facts to quickly identify and recall all affected products.

Order Management

This function will assist you in keeping track of your orders, shipments, Account Payable, and Account Receivables at all times.


Using the CRM, you will be able to manage your vendor and merchant relationships, as well as your tasks and activity.

Facility Management

This feature is a must in good seed-to-sale distribution software, it enables tracking facilities by licenses. It also locks down access according to employee permissions as well as location.

Cannabis Distribution Systems To Lookout For

Top seed-to-sale software you can try for your cannabis business:


This seed-to-sale software is the most trusted and successfully implemented regulatory cannabis system in the world. According to their own estimates, Metrc has tracked over 1 billion events to date. Without a doubt, Metrc dominates the cannabis regulatory software market.

Since 2013, this cannabis software system has tracked more than six million plants.

Metrc’s features include:

  • Managing the chain of custody and the parties’ credentials.
  • Assessing business trends inside the system.
  • Registering firms, buyers, physicians, strains, and other product information
  • Tracking plants, parcels, and harvest.

Metrc was first implemented in Colorado in 2013 when regulators faced difficulties in regulating cannabis. And now Metrc has become instrumental in keeping track of licensed enterprises and providing governments with a complete picture of everything from individual harvests to licenses is an important aspect of getting cannabis products on store shelves.

MJ Freeway

This is a real-time seed-to-sale distribution software.

Distribution keeps every business including the cannabis industry moving. And to stay compliant and effective, distributors must maintain thorough record-keeping and detailed inventory management. Therefore, MJ Freeway ensures that its software includes tools, statistics, and insights to assist you in managing all aspects of your cannabis distribution.

Features enabled by MJ Freeway are:

  • Wholesale order management
  • Transport documentation
  • Inventory Management
  • Facility Management

Viridian Sciences

For the cannabis market, Viridian Sciences provides all-in-one business management software solutions. You can rest certain that your organization will remain secure and compliant because it is built on a secure foundation.

Features enabled by Viridian Sciences are:

  • Tracking and Compliance management
  • Cannabis supply and chain management
  • Distribution trip plan
  • Demand forecasting

Cannabis Business ERP

CannaBusiness ERP is software designed specifically for cannabis businesses. It’s built on Sage X3 and configured by NexTec’s cannabis expertise to provide a complete cannabis company solution.

It includes the elements that the growing and processing customers rely on to manage some of the cannabis industry’s most prestigious businesses.

Features of the Cannabis Business ERP Distribution Software are:

  • Finance and Operations management
  • Quality and compliance management
  • Seed-to-sale management
  • Product recall readiness management
  • Distribution and inventory management

Last but not least…

To run a successful cannabis distribution business, you need a robust seed-to-sale distribution system in place. Several seed-to-sale distribution software firms can assist you with improved inventory management, warehouse control, or a complete seed-to-sale distribution management software to meet the complicated requirements of supply chain management. Choose the one that suits your business needs.

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