Ultimate Guide To Dispensary Email Marketing


Ultimate Guide To Dispensary Email Marketing

The best marketing channel, especially when it comes to ROI, has been hailed as email marketing.

Despite how great this marketing channel is, many companies have not utilized it to its full potential. The obvious reason is the lack of an effective email marketing strategy. 

Email marketing has an array of potential benefits for cannabis businesses. Building a strong email network and plan might be a great first step for dispensary owners that are ready to update their digital marketing strategy.

Does Your Dispensary Need An Email Marketing Strategy?

Because of its many advertising possibilities, such as sponsored searches, and cannabis or cannabis-related businesses, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers. However, many big platforms have stringent rules to restrict cannabis from their sites.

Email campaigns are also less expensive than other marketing strategies and give businesses the chance to interact directly with their audience while keeping them informed and engaged. Email campaigns should be created with a lot of thought and care.

You’ll have to adhere to some recommended practices to make sure you get the most out of your email marketing plan. Here is all you need to know about an effective email marketing strategy: 

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an online marketing strategy in which an opt-in list of clients and prospects, also known as email subscribers are sent emails on a regular basis. The emails are sent in the form of newsletters, new product information, discounts, and other information that may influence the customer or prospects to make a purchase. It’s one of the oldest kinds of online marketing, but it’s also one of the most efficient ways to convert prospects into buyers.

How Can Email Marketing Help Cannabis Businesses?

Deliver Targeted Content

Delivering customized content to your audience is made easy with email marketing.

The subject lines, graphics, and other components can all be personalized in marketing emails to make each receiver feel special. You can do this to engage your audience in new ways and make them feel seen and valued.

Brand Awareness

You introduce your brand to an email list subscriber each time you contact them. You’re gradually sowing the seeds of trust that will convert a prospective client into a loyal one. You’ll always be in their minds if you stay in touch with your subscribers. Your brand will be the first thing that comes to mind for them whenever they want to shop.

Low Overhead Costs

Email marketing is affordable. All you have to do is host your list on an email marketing platform and then create email content that appeals to your target market. You will start running instantly if you have a well-thought-out action strategy and great copywriting.

Nurture Customer Loyalty

Every stage of the buyer’s experience can be enhanced through email marketing, from lead nurturing and conversion to onboarding and retention, and you can increase loyalty at the same time. Emails are a terrific tool for creating a community since they allow you to establish relationships with current as well as prospective customers.

Cannabis Email Marketing Best Practices

Be Compliant 

Your company needs to be aware of what is permitted and what can get your business into problems before segmenting audiences and sending messages. Seek help from a cannabis digital expert who would guide you about the rules of the cannabis industry.

Don’t Become Spam 

Spam filters aren’t perfect, but they do their best to shield users from malicious senders. Ask your clients to check their spam folders if they don’t receive emails from your company to make sure your emails don’t go up there.

Additionally, you should request that clients who have already received your email add the dispensary’s email address to their contacts list. Doing this will guarantee that emails are delivered. 

Personalize For Target Audience

Create content customized for your target market. As marketers, we are in an amazing time. Our target audience’s demographics can be very precisely defined. Evaluate your target audience and their consumption patterns.

Closely track your metrics. If you don’t know what is and isn’t working with your marketing plan, it won’t matter how you fine-tune it. Keep an eye on the analytics and make changes based on the information.

Write Persuasive Messages

Every email you send to customers ought to:

  • Speak to them naturally,  as if you are face-to-face with them.
  • Have a catchy subject line.
  • Describe your offer in the headline.
  • Explain how your offer will benefit the reader.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) that explains what they should do next.


Calling is no longer the only function of mobile phones. Almost everything we do now involves a smartphone. Therefore, if your emails are not mobile device optimized, you lose out on a lot of potential clients.

You can make sure your emails look appealing on any device without writing code thanks to the several email marketing platforms that can handle responsive designs today. While some platforms might not come with a responsive design by default, some plugins and integrations can be useful.

Top 5 Cannabis-Friendly Email Marketing Platforms


When you first start using email marketing, it looks overwhelming, like most things do. Choosing the best email marketing software to meet your unique needs and objectives is the most crucial step before you send your first email campaign. It is the most effective approach to launch the types of campaigns required to move prospects through the sales funnel and expand your email database.

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