What You Need To Know About Your Cannabis Store Floor Plan


What You Need To Know About Your Cannabis Store Floor Plan

A well-thought-out and carefully implemented cannabis store floor layout can promote product discovery, create a delightful experience, and ultimately increase sales. Because of this, you should definitely consider reviewing or modifying your retail layout or floor plan if you haven’t done so in a while, or seek help from experts to design your upcoming cannabis store.

This blog will give you an insight into everything you need to know about your cannabis store floor plan to ensure that your store’s floor plan showcases your products in the best possible light:

What Is A Floor Plan?

Floor planning refers to the overall, category or macro-level layout of your store. It acts as a visual representation or retail layout for the placement of your store’s categories.

A floor plan also enables you to decide how much shelf space each of your categories needs in addition to a macro view.

Location Of The Cannabis Store

Ensure that your store is conveniently located and accessible to customers and approved by the state government or local authorities. Avoid establishing a store in a remote area.

Top Tips For Store Design And Layout

  • The store’s name and logo must be prominently displayed on the signage, which must be placed so that everyone can see it, even from a distance. Avoid adding excessive details.
  • Customers must experience a positive ambiance in the store. Customers must leave the cannabis store with a smile.
  • The retailer must choose the right wall color to influence consumer mood – choose soft, light colors.
  • The furnishings or fittings shouldn’t be a source of obstruction. Don’t overload your store with superfluous furnishings.
  • The cannabis products must be well arranged and neatly stacked on the racks assigned for them. In order for customers to quickly find the products they need, the shelves must have the appropriate labels. Ensure that the products do not fall off the shelve.
  • Avoid playing loud music inside the store.
  • To ensure that the products are clearly visible to customers, the store should have appropriate lighting. Replace damaged lights right away.
  • The racks, flooring, ceiling tiles, and all other surfaces should be kept clean and spotless.
  • The cannabis store shouldn’t smell unpleasant because it can irritate the customers.
  • Avoid placing anything near the store’s entrance or exit that can obstruct consumers’ movement. Customers must be able to move freely around the store.
  • The store’s layout must be designed in a way that can prevent theft and shoplifting.
    1. Never display products at the store’s entrance or exit.
    2. Install cameras and CCTVs to get a closer look at your customers and staff.
    3. Ask the staff or store manager to try to assist every customer who comes in to purchase.

Reduce Wait Times At The Store Through Floor Plan

It’s essential to reduce the wait times at your dispensary. Even if you have the most amazing dispensary in the world, it won’t matter if transactions take an unreasonably long time. On the other hand, you don’t want your customers to sense that they are being hurried out the door. You must find a balance between providing outstanding service and providing service promptly.

Using digital screens to display product information is an excellent approach to decreasing wait times. Customers who already know what they want can decide by being assisted in browsing product information prior to having to make a purchase, which will reduce indecision. Observe the customer flow and seek chokepoints if your dispensary is already established. Identify the issues that are causing customers to face delays and try to resolve them.

Common Mistakes While Designing Cannabis Store Floor Plan

When designing a cannabis floor plan, it’s important to keep in mind the concept of concentric circles of safety and avoid placing secure storage areas on exterior walls. High-value assets are more vulnerable to theft when a vault is located close to an entry door or along an exterior wall. Sensitive areas, such as cannabis packing areas and locations where sensitive data may be stored, should follow the same rule. Indicating public, restricted, and limited access levels on a cannabis floor plan enables the identification of places that need more security.

Last but not least, failing to consult a qualified security consultant while creating a cannabis business floor design and failing to employ an expert cannabis store floor plan consultant with experience in the cannabis sector both have negative effects. Cannabis security floor plans made without expert advice might not adhere to regulatory requirements. A cannabis business application may be turned down if the floor plan is not compliant or correctly formatted.

Furthermore, even “legally compliant” floor plans could have security flaws that increase the likelihood of business risk of crime. Hiring experts is the only way to guarantee a high-quality, compliant, and secure design, whether a floor plan is being designed for a cannabis business application, a build-out, or both.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a cannabis store floor planning solution to help you make the most of your retail space? Or a floor space optimization solution underpinned by recommended industry-leading software, specialists, and proven methodology.

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