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Best Cannabis Business Lawyers in New York

New York’s cannabis market is flourishing, breaking records and achieving remarkable success every day. Therefore, considering an investment in this rapidly evolving industry can be a great decision. The marijuana sector is heavily regulated, with laws that vary significantly from state to federal. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked by cannabis entrepreneurs is the need for dedicated lawyers for your business.    

In this post, we’ve handpicked the best cannabis business lawyers in New York who can play an important role in ensuring cannabis compliance, protection, and growth for your business.  

Why Does Your Business Need a Lawyer?  

Unlike any other industry, the cannabis sector demands the presence of legal counsel and experts throughout nearly every phase of its operations. Whether it’s securing licenses, complying with regulations, or adhering to dispensary operating guidelines, legal guidance is crucial at each step of the process.  

However, at the beginning you might feel appointing an attorney is an unnecessary expense for new businesses, but hiring skilled and experienced lawyers can help save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run. Benefits you get by hiring a cannabis business lawyer in New York: 

  • Legal professionals actively monitor constant changes in cannabis rules and regulations, providing you with timely advice on these alterations and assisting you in maintaining compliance.  
  • When an attorney is supporting your business journey, you get a reliable source of guidance on matters such as marketing policies and regulations.   
  • An attorney can assist you with the licensing process, adhering to legal cannabis provisions, and safeguarding your intellectual property & confidential trade secrets.  

Joseph A. Bondy  

Bondy is an internationally recognized expert in cannabis licensing and a complex criminal defense attorney who has 28 years of experience in superlative trial and federal sentencing. Bondy is named as one of the top 100 criminal trial lawyers and one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys by the American College of Trial Lawyers.    

Bondy serves as legal counsel to a wide array of individuals and corporations operating within the adult-use cannabis and hemp sectors. He has also offered his legal defense in intricate criminal cases, representing clients in both federal and state courts.   

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Deborah Hrbek  

Deborah Hrbek is a well-known cannabis & marijuana lawyer who has over three decades of experience. Deborah is a founder of HKBEKKunstler and also handles cases related to sports, entertainment & business Law. Hrbek is a co-founder of New York Cannabar and is currently an active member of the NYC Cannabis Industry Association. She has represented cannabis industry clients and advised dispensary owners in cannabis cultivation, CBD & hemp product distributors, and medical cannabis patients.  

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Warren S. Sutnick  

Warren has been practicing law since 1991 and has over 30 years of experience in the respective field. Warren has expertise in handling vigorous defense of DUI/DWI cases, and he has extensive experience encompassing thousands of cases across New Jersey and New York. So, Warren is a talented lawyer to takes assistance in legal matters and cannabis-related problems.   

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Mollie Hartman  

Mollie is an outstanding attorney specializing in cannabis and marijuana law, with a track record of assisting clients in the cannabis industry for over a decade. She offers her expertise to cannabis business operators, management service providers, cannabis investors, and vendors, providing invaluable guidance on legal matters related to cannabis regulations. Currently, Mollie serves as the Chair of McLaughlin and Stern’s Cannabis Practice Group.  

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Patrick J. Kilker  

Patrick is a renowned cannabis and marijuana law attorney with a total experience of 28+ years in the respective field. Apart from handling medical marijuana cases, he also defends complex criminal allegations in federal and state court. Currently, Kilker is a partner at Tully Rinckey, P.L.L.C. an emphasis on criminal defense and trials. Indeed, with multi-sector experience and knowledge, he is one of the experienced lawyers to consult for cannabis business formation issues.   

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So, these were the best cannabis business lawyers in New York, you can contact any of them to get legal assistance and advice for any cannabis-related troubles. They are capable of handling legal challenges and compliance. Please keep in mind hiring a right and skilled lawyer is an investment for your business. A capable lawyer will contribute to your business’s success and sustainability.   

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