Best Cannabis Hashtags


Best Cannabis Hashtags For 10x Business Growth

Hashtags have become ingrained in the social media landscape. They’re utilized on every major social media site, as well as a number of smaller ones, such as Vine. If you’ve been limited to using hashtags on Twitter, it’s time to step out. Several different social media platforms allow you to search and sort information using hashtags.

Whether you’re a seasoned hashtag pro or a complete novice when it comes to social media, one thing is certain: you must be able to track your hashtags. Knowing which hashtags are popular and how to use them to get people to locate your content and speak about it is critical to any social media strategy especially for cannabis businesses. In fact, as a cannapreneur, you have to be careful while using hashtags as they can attract shadow-bans if not used correctly. 

What Is A Hashtag?

The hashtag is no longer a new social media fad. If you’re new to social media, however, hashtags are a good place to start. You may be knowing that the pound sign (#) is used to check your voicemail, but interestingly it actually has a whole different meaning on social media – the hashtag.

Hashtags are used on a number of social media sites, most notably Twitter and Instagram, and play an important part in developing interest in your accounts.

Including a hashtag in your post enables your audience categorize information. From the user’s perspective, hashtags enable them to find posts that are relevant to their interests and engage with other social media users who share those interests by joining the hashtag conversation.

From a business standpoint, it’s your chance to stand out in such discussions and promote your organization as a thought leader on specific topics. Having an idea where, why, and how to hashtag can help in upping your social media game and visibility significantly.

Why Should You Use hashtags?

Because hashtags are effective. They assist you to grow your social media profile by allowing everyone who is interested in your hashtag to see your material, rather than simply your followers.

By connecting with customers and joining the conversation about what’s hot, hashtags can help you develop a brand for your business or yourself. You are more likely to achieve fantastic awareness for your brand if you join in the high-traffic conversation by discovering the most popular trending subjects. The greater your visibility, the more likely you are to be able to build a larger audience, and a larger audience raises the possibility of new leads for your cannabis business tremendously.

Why Must Businesses Use Hashtags in Their Posts?

It might be difficult to identify the posts you want to read and the people who discuss topics that interest you on social media because there are so many people posting. There is so much content being provided at any given time that sifting through it all takes a long time, and there’s a good risk you’ll miss anything interesting.

Hashtags make it simple to find Tweets about topics you’re interested in. Customers that use cannabis may like the following hashtags:

Top Cannabis Hashtags For Social Media Platforms

Instagram and Twitter are the most popular cannabis-related social media platforms. Facebook is a dependable platform as well, but it is not ideal for frequent involvement. On Instagram and Twitter, several marijuana businesses and brands have had a lot of success. However, their social outreach would never be as active without the utilization of trending cannabis hashtags on these platforms.

Facebook (Meta)

On Facebook, hashtags can help your content get visibility, attract new community members, and expand your overall reach. You must be specific and select 1-2 hashtags that are relevant to your content.

When Facebook users look at a hashtag feed instead of their personal newsfeed, they want to find and participate with trending topics, which is a terrific opportunity for your company to be front and center.

Top Cannabis Facebook Hashtags

  1. #cannabinoids
  2. #Cannabis
  3. #MedicalCannabis
  4. #holistichealing
  5. #cannabisedu
  6. #cannalife
  7. #nycannabis
  8. #CannMed
  9. #Cannabisismedicine
  10. #cannabiscommunity


Including up to two hashtags in your tweets can increase interaction by up to double. In a moment, we’ll go over the top hashtags to use (and track) on Twitter, but keep this in mind whenever you’re preparing to tweet. Using more than two hashtags, on the other hand, can reduce interaction, so limit yourself to one or two.

Top Cannabis Twitter Hashtags

  1. #marijuana
  2. #cannabis
  3. #dope
  4. #weed
  5. #pot
  6. #kush
  7. #cbd
  8. #weedlife
  9. #weedsmokers
  10. #weedcommunity


Instagram is a hashtag-friendly platform. People add hashtags to the captions of their photographs or videos, and they use them liberally – it’s not uncommon to see an image with more than ten hashtags.

Do you know why marketers use hashtags on Facebook to increase Instagram reach? Simple: if a picture is shared on either network, the hashtags are picked up by the other network. That implies you’ve effectively doubled the reach of your hashtag. Start experimenting with hashtags on Instagram and Facebook if you want a little more visibility and cross-pollination between the two networks.

On Instagram, you can, of course, search by hashtag. You can also see similar photographs by clicking on any hashtag. Hashtags are the best method to group photographs on Instagram, which is why they are so popular. Just keep an eye on them so they don’t take off too far.

Top Instagram Cannabis Hashtags

  1. #cannabis
  2. #cannabiscures
  3. #cannabisgrow
  4. #cannabissociety 
  5. #dailycannabis
  6. #cannabisculture 
  7. #medicalcannabis
  8. #organiccannabis
  9. #cannabisnews
  10. #cannabisclub


Pinterest made a major announcement about adding hashtag capabilities to its platform, but there isn’t enough evidence to conclude whether pins with hashtags perform better than pins without them. However, this site is similar to Facebook. Its search engine does not distinguish between hashtags and keywords when searching. Rather than using a hashtag, we recommend simply putting your keywords in the description.


With over 800 million members, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for marketers to showcase their goods and services. In comparison to other social media networks, LinkedIn has less stringent restrictions when it comes to marketing cannabis products.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to run advertising for over-the-counter, illegal, recreational, or prescription drugs on LinkedIn unless you are selling them in the content. This means you can make commercials promoting the benefits of cannabis, as well as industry news and events. This type of content will attract customers and increase traffic.

Top Cannabis Hashtags On LinkedIn

  1. #medicalmarijuana
  2. #cannabis
  3. #marijuana
  4. #weed
  5. #herb
  6. #cannabidiol
  7. #cbdvape
  8. #cbdgummies
  9. #hashoil
  10. #ganja


If you haven’t started using hashtags in your personal or professional social media posts, it’s never too late to start. Hashtags are a rapidly evolving communication tool that can assist you in expanding your social media presence and increasing engagement in order to improve your business.

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