Microbusiness License in Missouri


How to Apply for a Microbusiness License in Missouri

The good news for Missourians is finally here: No more waiting for info about the application requirements for microbusiness licenses. On June 06th, 2023 you will have access to the nitty-gritty about cannabis microbusiness licenses.

We have collected and collated all the information you would require initially to understand more about microbusiness licenses and for you to understand where you stand in this.

Let us then first dig into what are cannabis microbusiness licenses!

Who can apply for microbusiness licenses?

Missouri residents over the age of 21 can apply for a license to grow, produce, and sell marijuana products as a marijuana microbusiness. You must be legally qualified to receive either the microbusiness dispensary license or the microbusiness wholesale license before you can apply for a microbusiness license.  

What are Microbusiness Wholesale licenses and microbusiness dispensary licenses?

  • A micro business wholesale license allows for the production and sale of marijuana-infused goods to another micro business dispensary license owner or micro business dispensary owner. You can engage in the process of cultivating up to 250 plants and manufacturing marijuana-infused products for medical or adult use. 
  • With a microbusiness dispensary license, you can purchase marijuana from micro business wholesalers and sell it on-site. You are authorized to dispense marijuana for medical or adult use. You can sell goods obtained from a micro business wholesale licensee or another authorized microbusiness dispensary 

When is the Missouri marijuana microbusiness application deadline?       

Applications are now being accepted! The Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) has made information regarding the application window public. On June 6th, you will receive the application. The window for applications is from July 27 through August 10th.To have your microbusiness license ready to file in 2023, act RIGHT AWAY!

Who is eligible to obtain a Missouri microbusiness license?

According to the new Missouri cannabis regulations, you must be eligible for a micro business marijuana license. You must be one of the following to be eligible to take part in the lottery to grant the microbusiness licenses: 

  • You will be eligible for a marijuana microbusiness license if your net worth is less than $250k and your income is less than 250 percent of the federal poverty level or the level specified in the federal poverty income guidelines for the relevant calendar year published by the U.S. DHSS
  • You possess a lawful service-connected disability card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • You are a person who has been arrested for, prosecuted for, or convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense but not a conviction involving the provision of marijuana to a minor or a conviction for driving while intoxicated
  • You are a person whose parent, guardian, or spouse has been arrested for, prosecuted for, or convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense. At least a year must have passed since the arrest, accusation, or conviction to be included in the lottery
  • You live in an area where:
  1. 30% or more of the population is considered to be living below the federal poverty line; 
  2. The unemployment rate is 50% higher than the state average
  3. The historic rate of incarceration for marijuana-related offenses is 50% higher than the rate for the entire state

How many micro business licenses will the DHSS grant?

The state will award a total of 48 micro business licenses through a lottery in October 2023, 6 each for 8 congressional districts. Out of these 48 licenses, two-thirds will be awarded to micro business wholesalers, and one-third will be awarded to micro business dispensaries. This means that each district will get 4 wholesale licenses and 2 dispensaries licenses.

The cost of a micro business marijuana license

Missouri microbusiness license costs $1500 which is less compared to Missouri’s standard licenses. The application doesn’t cost much before winning the lottery. 

After winning the lottery, you fill out an application that shows your compliance, and you establish operations. The total cost of this procedure is probably less than $1 million making this a very affordable alternative in the adult cannabis business. 

What’s next after you get the micro business license?

Now that you are a micro business and with your operations in place, you can start selling your products as a micro business wholesale license owner. You are now geared up to make the most of the cannabis industry in Missouri. The cost-effective microbusiness license is a blessing in disguise for aspirants with low finances. Such entrepreneurs no longer need to wait to enter the market. By creating the right plan and execution, your marijuana business is bound to flourish with the microbusiness license.

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