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How To Get A Medical Cannabis License In New York

Manufacturing and dispensing of medical cannabis in New York State is carried out by registered entities. A registered organization can possess up to four dispensing facilities, as allowed by law.

Registered businesses must produce medical cannabis products in a  facility that is indoors, enclosed, and secure and may include a greenhouse.

Getting A Medical Cannabis License In New York

The following information must be provided by an applicant who wants to register their organization, and it should be explained in as much detail as the board deems necessary, including but not limited to:

  • a list of the activities it plans to carry out as a registered organization.
  • The applicant:
  • must possess a strong sense of morality.
  • has or has the right to use sufficient land, buildings, and other premises, which must be indicated in the application, as well as the necessary equipment to carry out the activity described in the application appropriately; alternatively, posts a bond of at least $2,000,000.
  • can keep cannabis under effective security and control to prevent misuse, diversion, and other illegal conduct relating to marijuana.
  • is capable of adhering to all state rules and regulations that are relevant to the activities it plans to conduct as part of the registration.
  • that the applicant has signed a labor peace agreement with an authorized labor group that is actively involved in representing or attempting to represent the candidate’s employees, and that the maintenance of such an agreement is an ongoing material condition of certification.
  • The application must include the name, residential address, and position of each officer and director as well as the name and residential address of every individual or organization that is a member of the applicant.

Each such person or lawful representative shall submit an affidavit with the application outlining:

  • Position of management held in any cannabis business located in or outside the state.
  • If the applicant has been convicted of a felony or has had their registration or license suspended in a judicial or administrative proceeding related to cannabis.
  • whatever further information that the board may reasonably require.

Background Verification

An applicant cannot work at a plant-touching business unless they meet the following requirements and pass a basic criminal background check with a seven-year lookback period:

Unless the board determines that the manager or employee is otherwise qualified to be hired, registered organizations may not be managed by or employ anyone who has been convicted of a felony related to the functions or duties of operating a business within three years of the date of hire. The board shall conduct a thorough inquiry into the nature of the offense, conviction, circumstances, and any indications of the manager’s or employee’s rehabilitation, and shall assess the manager’s or employee’s suitability in light of the information found during the investigation.

The following are just a few examples that the board may consider when deciding which offenses are significantly related to the tasks or responsibilities of running a business:

  • A criminal record for fraud, money laundering, forgery, or other illegal behavior connected to running a business.
  • a felony conviction for using, hiring, or employing a minor to transport, carry, sell, give away, prepare for sale, or peddle any controlled substance as well as for selling, offering to sell, providing, offering to furnish, administering, or giving any controlled substance to a minor.

A criminal conviction for the sale or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics, or regulated substances is not considered substantially related, according to the law. Only managers or staff who come into contact with or handle medical cannabis are subject to this section..”

If the state adds or modifies the background check requirements, more information will be provided.

How To Apply For A New York Cannabis Medical License

To submit an application for a medical license in New York, you must:

  • Apply online.
  • Open a new account on or log in to one you already have.
  • After you have submitted your application, log in to check the status of it.


The laws, rules, and regulations governing the cannabis sector in the states are changing quickly, and there is more competition than ever before. New York State will be no exception, and this might lead to cannabis enterprises changing their business models, contracting, or even closing abruptly. For the business to succeed, it is necessary to have a solid organizational structure. From the time of application to selling, it can take more than a year due to the licensing procedures, locating a suitable location, and designing your storefront to comply with state laws.

Starting a cannabis business in New York is quite enticing due to the scope of the profits and revenue, given that one is motivated and has access to the resources needed. We anticipate that these comprehensive guidelines will help you get off to a good start as you work to establish a successful cannabis medical business in your state. 

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